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The Standardised Corporate Environment (SCORE) is based on a closed user group, administered by SWIFT, where corporates can interact with financial institutions.

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Subscribe to Standardised Corporate Environment (SCORE) services

Subscribe to SCORE services

SCORE offering

  • SCORE offers three transfer mechanisms for exchanging data between two parties.
  • You can subscribe to one or more of these services depending on your business needs and your counterparties offerings.
  • By default any Corporate joining SWIFT will be published with SCO Service code. Any request not to be published as SCORE FIN participant should be addressed to joining.generic@swift.com


  • Any corporate can join SCORE
  • SWIFT reserves the right to monitor the eligibility status of the corporate.
  • Financial institutions are only allowed to subscribe to SCORE if they are supervised.

Eligibility scenarios

  • The corporate is recommended by a financial institution that is located in a FATF member country and that participates in SCORE. The recommendation means that the financial institution is willing to exchange traffic with that corporate over SWIFTNet.
  • The corporate is listed on a regulated stock exchange of a country that is a member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).
  • The corporate is a majority-owned subsidiary of an eligible company as per point 2, and it meets the following conditions:
    • Is a duly incorporated, validly existing, and duly organised legal entity.
    • Is in good standing financially and with respect to its compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
    • Is subject to regular audit by an independent audit firm in accordance with internationally recognised accounting standards.
    • In addition, the subsidiary must submit to SWIFT a declaration of ownership from its listed parent company. It must state that the parent company is listed in one of the FATF countries and has a majority ownership of the subsidiary.

Changes in eligibility status (examples and guidance)

In case of a company de-listing, or if there is no traffic between a recommending financial institution and the corporate, the corporate is given a six month period to take one of the following actions:

  • Migrate to an alternative solution, for example, a Member-Administered Closed User Group (MA-CUG).
  • Find a substitute recommendation.
  • If the corporate fails to implement either action, then SWIFT reserves the right to terminate upon notice the corporate's participation in SCORE.

How to fill in the forms

  • For FIN, subscribe to SCORE FIN service with FIN service code SCO.
  • For FileAct Real-time, subscribe to SCORE FileAct RT service.
  • For FileAct store-and-forward, subscribe to SCORE FileAct SnF service.
  • To subscribe to one of the FileAct services as a financial institution, you must select the member CUG Category (field 6.01).
  • To subscribe as a corporate, you must select the corporate CUG Category (field 6.01).

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