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Data protection Policies

Swift has decided to enhance its contractual documentation and to improve transparency with respect to the processing of message and traffic data. In doing so, Swift has been assisted by a working group of data protection and compliance experts from European and non-European Swift users.

The results from this work are published below.

Data Protection Policies

The Swift Data Protection Policies : Swift Data Retrieval Policy, Swift KYC Registry Privacy Policy, Swift Personal Data Protection Policy and Swift Security Control Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page answers the most frequently asked questions on Swift’s data processing activities and related data protection matters.

Swift Ad Hoc Clauses

The Swift Ad Hoc Clauses provide an adequate level of protection to transfer messages sent by its European-zone customers to its Trans-Atlantic zone customers. These clauses specifically cover personal data contained in message data that relate to individuals resident of European Economic Area (“EEA”) Member States or from Switzerland or that are sent by Swift customers established in one of the EEA Member States or Switzerland.