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The efficient solution for your XML-based message exchange

InterAct is the messaging service for exchanging XML-based financial messages and data between users, including Swift MX  and ISO 20022- based payments, settlement instructions, FX confirmations, statements and reports.  It’s also used by key market infrastructures around the world. 

InterAct provides the security, availability and reliability your business demands:

  • The highest availability in the industry
  • Encryption, authentication control and integrity control.

InterAct offers non-repudiation; Swift will provide proof of message transmission and integrity on request.

Syntax validation reduces exception rates and facilitates interoperability.

Closed user group control

Predefined closed user group rules determine which users can send messages to which other users. Messages which do not comply will not be delivered

Advanced delivery options

With InterAct, you’re kept informed about message status and delivery. Messages can also be copied to third parties for information or processing

Central validation of messages

Your messages are centrally validated to ensure correct and timely delivery

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Find out more about InterAct and other Swift messaging solutions.