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Transform your customers’ cross-border payment experience

Transform your customers’ cross-border payment experience by delivering truly fast payments that are fully trackable from end to end.

Swift GPI is based on existing messaging standards and bank payment processing systems, making it quick and cost-effective to adapt to the new norm.

Through gpi, banks enhance their relevance within the fast-evolving international payments ecosystem by delivering immediate value to end customers. Additionally, gpi increases efficiencies for bank payment operational teams while reducing overall cost.

Built as a suite of cloud-based tools, Swift GPI allows you to track payments, monitor adherence to SLAs, and consult information related to your gpi member bank counterparties all in one place. It’s that easy.

Swift GPI
Swift GPI
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The future of cross-border payments

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Swift platform evolution
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Our vision is for instant and frictionless payments, from account to account, anywhere in the world

Deliver customer value

Transform your customers’ cross-border payment experience.

Reduce costs

Reduce your payment enquiry costs by up to 50%.

Easy implementation

Go-live in as little as 3 months by leveraging your current Swift setup.

The enhanced Swift platform for payments

Our vision is for instant and frictionless payments, from account to account, anywhere in the world.


Case study

Case Study - First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO)

First National Bank of Omaha leverages Swift GPI payments data to support international business growth across...

Case study

Case Study - PagoFX

Find out how PagoFX is leveraging its Swift connectivity to deliver easy, low-cost overseas payments to...

Case study

Case Study – Mauritius Commercial Bank

Learn how Mauritius Commercial Bank empowers customers with self-service payment tracking using Swift GPI.

How to start your gpi journey

Build your business case

Our new free ebook ‘How to build a business case for Swift GPI’ will give you key messages, tips and other useful information to help you make the case for gpi in your organisation.

Get onboard

Leverage Swift expertise for a smooth implementation

Get your questions answered

Get in touch with our Swift GPI experts to guide you throughout your journey

Adapted to your market segment


For banks

Transform your cross-border payments offering by delivering fast, trackable and transparent payments services.

Swift for Corporates

For corporates

Gain visibility into your international payments, enhance operational efficiency and discover payment insights.

Market Infrastructures

For Market Infrastructures

Deliver value for your community, enable interoperability and guarantee efficient payment clearing with Swift GPI.


For Capital Markets

Unlock new benefits for all your payment flows, including those related to settlement, corporate actions, OTC and FX.

gpi roadmap of new services


Instant international payments


Financial institution transfer


Case resolution




Pay and trace


gpi link with trade and e-commerce ecosystems


Inbound tracking


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