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White papers

Explore our white papers on a variety of industry topics.

Last update: 1 September 2013

 Africa Payments: Insights into African transaction flows

‘Africa is rising’ is a powerful phrase these days. The rising middle class will undoubtedly help to drive up demand for...

Last update: 8 October 2019

Brave new world: be ready for Europe's new payments architecture

Swift paper highlights the milestones for action and looks at the challenges and opportunities for financial...

Last update: 9 March 2017

Discussion paper – Achieving Financial Integration in the ASEAN Region

The ASEAN markets are at an important juncture in their ASEAN integration journey, and it is imperative for the markets...

Last update: 1 September 2013

Fighting Poverty Through Payments (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Swift)

Poor people do not live in a static state of poverty. Every year, many millions of people transition out of poverty by...

Last update: 1 October 2015

Global Payments 2015 Listening to the customer's voice

The payments and transactions-banking businesses are evolving at a dizzying pace.

Last update: 1 July 2015

Guidelines for the next generation of Real-Time Retail Payments Systems (RT-RPS)

The case for implementing real-time retail payments is becoming increasingly apparent. The use of mobile technology has...

Last update: 13 November 2018

How Swift can help - The transformation of the European payments landscape

Information paper - In this paper we set out Swift’s commitment to accompany its customers through these changes.

Last update: 1 September 2015

How the Financial Industry Should Approach Digital Transformation

An easy caricature of the regulators of the banking industry is that new regulations act as barriers to entry.

Last update: 24 July 2014

Intraday liquidity reporting

The case for a pragmatic industry solution

Last update: 1 June 2014

ISO 9362:2014 BIC Implementation - Changes and impacts 

The Business Identifier Code (BIC) is a standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)...