Swift at Sibos 2020

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Supporting cloud strategies

Cloud technology has taken the world by storm over the past ten years, with it now becoming the norm for applications and infrastructure to be deployed directly in the cloud. Yet, making this move is by no means straightforward for financial institutions with existing systems built in a pre-cloud era – and for whom security is paramount. To this end, Swift is collaborating with both customers and cloud providers to make it easier to move existing applications – such as its messaging interface Alliance Messaging Hub – to the public cloud. Watch this session to hear how we are supporting customers in their journey to cloud and enabling them to unlock the myriad of opportunities that it can offer.

  • Stijn de Clercq, Product Owner - Alliance Messaging Hub, Swift
  • Esther Mendez, Banking and Payments Partner Development Lead, Amazon Web Services
  • Natarajan Sriram, CIO Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Rachel Levi, Manager, Global Innovation

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