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New Business Intelligence offering – SWIFT Scope

There is a strong and growing demand in the banking industry for detailed data on financial transactions, especially payments. This information is required for a number of reasons such as, customer behaviour analysis and regulatory reporting. However, Financial Institutions are facing difficulties to consolidate all their transactional flows at the right granular level and right frequency.  

To cater to these needs, SWIFT is launching SWIFT Scope, a modular portfolio of "on customer premises" business intelligence solutions. SWIFT Scope complements our existing Watch offering by providing business dashboards, reports and moreover analysis of consolidated transactional and private data.  SWIFT Scope stores all data on customer premises and ensures full customer control of any private data.

To give you a flavour of what's to come, here are a few user case examples for SWIFT Scope:

  • Global Transaction Banks needing consolidated storage and analysis of transactions
  • Banks affected by Basel Committee for Banking Supervision Intraday liquidity tools
  • Large corporates lacking global account position information

If you want to know more about this interesting new offering, please contact the BI Marketing team for further information.

Two exceptional webinars on Business Intelligence!

Today's financial industry is diverse and unpredictable. Staying on top of volatile market requires greater accuracy, consistency, transparency and fact-based information in the decision-making process.

Act faster, perform better - Business Intelligence in action for Trade Finance
The rapidly evolving banking environment inevitably produces the need for more timely and more detailed market data. How fast can you follow the trends? The capability of your organization to source, analyse and interpret market data can have a significant impact on your agility and performance. SWIFT Business Intelligence can help you unlock the full value of SWIFT statistics and enable timely and data-driven decision making.

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Develop your cross-border payments with SWIFT insights
How do you monitor the performance of your global payments strategy? How do you stay on top of what is going on in the business? How fast do you know that key indicators turning red?  We can help you overcome this challenge and better track, manage, and optimize your payments flow. With SWIFT Business Intelligence, you are better equipped to track, manage, and optimize your payments strategy!

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Watch Analytics migration Update

New modules migration
Since December 2013, the new state-of-the-art Watch platform is available, and already provides access to your FIN Traffic and Value Analytics tools and since October also to your InterAct Analytics tool.
End December, also your Message Cost Analytics (FIN, InterAct, FileAct) and FileAct Analytics will be available to you. Billing Analytics will be migrated end Q1 2015.

Decommissioning (reminder)
Throughout the whole migration period, the old platform remains available to give you time to migrate your analyses (bookmarks). However, please be aware that in the old platform, 2015 data will not be uploaded. Full data from 2014 or older will remain (frozen) during 1st quarter and finally decommissioned as of April 2015.

We strongly encourage you to migrate your analyses, and use the new tool in your day-to-day business activities as soon as possible. Don't wait until the end of the transition period!

Have you already subscribed to our monthly RMB Tracker?

SWIFT's November RMB Tracker shows that 15 more countries are now using the RMB for more than 10% of their payments value with China and Hong Kong compared to April 2013. In total, 50 countries out of the 161 that exchanged payments with China and Hong Kong in October 2014 have crossed this threshold. The 10% milestone, also known as "crossing the RMB River", is a threshold set by SWIFT to measure the weight of RMB payments value with Hong Kong and China compared to other currencies. It is an indication of countries that "cross the River" and their level of adoption of the RMB.

This RMB Tracker provides key statistics to understand the progress made in China's Renminbi (RMB) towards becoming an international currency.

Don't hesitate to register to our free monthly SWIFT RMB Tracker and consult past RMB Trackers or our overall BI offering.

On top of the RMB Tracker, we offer RMB Market Insights. This report is designed as a mean to track in detail and follow the growth of RMB and its impact on the financial industry as a whole. The report will help identifying the top currencies including their growth across various markets as well as the top countries using RMB across all these markets. In addition, an analysis of specific message types containing RMB transactions is included, showing the number of transactions, as well as transaction value and activity share versus total SWIFT. 

For more information about RMB Market Insights, please contact your Account Manager or Watch@swift.com.

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