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Watch Banking Analytics Premium – Live

As the Watch for Banking suite continues to evolve, a new bundle called Watch Banking Premium will soon be made available to all Watch Value Analytics customers. On top of the value and currency information you can already access in Watch Value Analytics, Watch Banking Premium will give you access to new payload fields of FIN message types (MTs). This information will allow you to improve the services you offer to your customers and drive the sales force where opportunities exist.

Watch Banking Premium will initially cover Payments and Trade Finance market, as well as value buckets for all markets and rankings.

Watch Banking Premium helps you to:

  • Map your clearing business and discover where potential new revenue flows can be generated
  • Investigate intermediation of your payments business
  • Benchmark your payments charges to market practises
  • Understand FX conversion practises
  • Visualise the market of confirmed LCs and track your dedicated market share
  • Compare your LC tenors (length) to market standards
  • Optimise your operational efficiency by maximising your straight-through-processing rate
  • Discover your market share in high value payments

Find out more by contacting SWIFT's BI Marketing Team.

Watch Banking Analytics Premium factsheet

In token of our appreciation of our customer's loyalty and trust, our Watch Value Analytics customers will get the opportunity to try out Watch Banking Analytics Premium. More in particular, we will grant a free trial period of the Trade Finance and Payments Visual Dashboards in Watch Banking Analytics Premium as of beginning of November 2015. More details on this will follow.

New upcoming webinars – Join us!

Not registered yet? Join us for a free 30-minute webinar to learn more about how to develop your cross-border payments with SWIFT insights or to learn more about the RMB internationalization:

Develop your cross-border payments with SWIFT insights

Business Intelligence for financial institutions: Develop your cross-border payments with SWIFT insights.
How do you monitor the performance of your global payments program? How do you stay on top of what is going on in the business? How fast do you know that key indicators turn red? With SWIFT Business Intelligence you are fully equipped to overcome these challenges and able to better   track, manage and optimise your payment flows.

Wednesday 28 October - 09:00 CET - register here

Thursday 29 October - 16:30 CET - register here

RMB ranked first in Asia Pacific for payments with Greater China

Business Intelligence for RMB: In Asia Pacific RMB is ranked first for payments with Greater China.
More than 1,400 financial institutions in over 100 countries are already doing business in the Chinese currency, the Renminbi (RMB). Is yours one of them? Do you want to know more about RMB internationalisation or further expand your RMB business? Join us to learn how SWIFT Business Intelligence can support you in developing your RMB strategy.

Wednesday 28 October - 16:30 CET - register here

Thursday 29 October - 09:00 CET - register here

RMB Tracker – Special Sibos Edition

SWIFT's September RMB Tracker shows the currency has entered the top four of world payment currencies by value in August 2015, overtaking the Japanese Yen and reaching a record high share of 2.79% in global payments

With Sibos taking place in Singapore, the top RMB clearing centre after Hong Kong, SWIFT has produced a special edition of the RMB Tracker, which provides an updated and consolidated overview of the Renminbi's rise as an international currency. Combined with SWIFT's insights, the report also contains commentary from financial industry experts reflecting on the evolution of the RMB and how its use will continue to develop moving forward.

RMB Tracker Sibos 2015 Edition

Don't hesitate to register to our free monthly SWIFT RMB Tracker and consult past RMB Trackers or our overall BI offering.

On top of the RMB Tracker, we offer RMB Market Insights. This report is designed as a mean to track in detail and follow the growth of RMB and its impact on the financial industry as a whole. The report will help identifying the top currencies including their growth across various markets as well as the top countries using RMB across all these markets. In addition, an analysis of specific message types containing RMB transactions is included, showing the number of transactions, as well as transaction value and activity share versus total SWIFT. 

SWIFT Scope - Live!

Financial services are moving toward a decision making process with much higher reliance on insights generated through data. In order to be competitive in today's market, having access to the right data and being able to use the data in the right way is paramount.

SWIFT Scope is a solution based on SWIFT messages, capable of incorporating reference data from a wide range of sources. The solution's flexibility means that as a customer you are able to select the mix of services that best suits your requirements, whether that is analysis of historical payments data or dynamic monitoring of liquidity movements.

To ensure a cost-efficient implementation adapted to your specific requirements, any SWIFT Scope project comes with end-to-end project management, guided software installation and end user training.

Some key benefits of SWIFT Scope include:

  • Real-time data delivery
  • Integration of diverse information sources
  • Powerful visualisation and analysis tools
  • End-to-end solution without the need for costly internal projects

SWIFT Scope is currently available for three audiences:

Your Account Manager, BI regional expert and SWIFT Scope team remain available to answer any questions you might have.

Corporates Business Development Dashboard

An increasing number of corporates are connecting to SWIFT every day through various financial institutions around the world. With this upward trend, it is useful for financial institutions to rely on regular fact-based information, as it helps to improve strategic planning, perform competitive analysis, evaluate sales performance and manage service operations accordingly.

The Corporates Business Development Dashboard is SWIFT's most recent Business Intelligence service that provides valuable information to financial institutions on SWIFT's corporate market. It serves to get deeper and broader insights on financial institutions' transactions performed with these corporates.

How can you benefit from the Corporates Business Development Dashboard?

  • Develop prospective market analysis for business development
  • Identify new and potential corporate customers
  • Track and benchmark your business against SWIFT totals
  • Improve operational efficiency

Corporates Business Development Factsheet

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