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New dynamic and easy-to-use dashboards in Watch

As introduced beginning of 2015, a fourth set of dynamic dashboards are now available for Value Analytics and Traffic Analytics. These will focus on Trade Finance Counterparties. Use these dashboards to monitor your message flows, understand your worldwide coverage, and track your activity share in each country.
With future releases and enhancements to existing dashboards, you will be even better equipped to optimise business strategy and manage correspondent bank relationships.

Where can you find the new dashboards?

Go to 'Library of views' in your Analytics - Volume or - value folder

Feel free to provide us with your feedback and suggestions for future dashboards!

Three exceptional webinars on Business Intelligence!

Today's financial industry is diverse and unpredictable. Staying on top of volatile markets requires greater accuracy, consistency, transparency and fact-based information to help shape the decision-making process.

Renminbi (RMB): RMB breaks into the top five as a world payments currency

More than 1,400 Financial Institutions in over 100 countries are already doing business in the Chinese currency, the Renminbi (RMB). Is yours one of them? Are you looking to understand more about RMB internationalisation, or further expand your RMB business? Join us to learn more about the RMB internationalisation and how SWIFT BI can support you in your RMB development strategy.

Access our recorded session.

Develop your cross-border payments with SWIFT insights

How do you monitor the performance of your global payments program? How do you stay on top of what is going on in the business? How fast do you know if key indicators are turning red? We can help you overcome this challenge and better track, manage, and optimise your payments flow. Discover how with SWIFT Business Intelligence you will be better equipped to tackle these issues!

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Get a first glance on 2014’s latest trends in Trade Finance

Today's rapidly evolving banking environment inevitably creates the need for timely and even more detailed market data. How fast can you keep up with the trends? Learn what has been the latest evolution in terms of traditional Trade Finance (collections and letters of credit), comparing 2014 with 2012-2013. Find out how SWIFT Business Intelligence can help you unlock the full value of SWIFT statistics and enable timely and data-driven decision-making.

Access our recorded session.

Have you already subscribed to our monthly RMB Tracker?

SWIFT's April RMB Tracker shows that the RMB is the second most active currency used by Canada for payments with China and Hong Kong

This RMB Tracker provides key statistics to understand the progress made in China's Renminbi (RMB) towards becoming an international currency.

Don't hesitate to register to our free monthly SWIFT RMB Tracker and consult past RMB Trackers or our overall BI offering.

On top of the RMB Tracker, we offer RMB Market Insights. This report is designed as a means to track in detail and follow the growth of RMB and its impact on the financial industry as a whole. The report will help identifying the top currencies including their growth across various markets as well as the top countries using RMB across all these markets. In addition, an analysis of specific message types containing RMB transactions is included, showing the number of transactions, as well as transaction value and activity share versus total SWIFT. 

For more information about RMB Market Insights, please contact your Account Manager or Watch@swift.com.

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