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How can SWIFT’s Business Intelligence help you gain in-depth business insights?

Discover how SWIFT’s Business Intelligence has empowered greater accuracy and faster decision making at Standard Chartered by reading our latest case study.

“SWIFT’s data gives us competitive and strategic insights that help us in optimising our cross-border business” - Anurag Bajaj, Managing Director & Global Head, Clearing & Liquidity Management products for Banks, Standard Chartered.

More MT information available on the new Watch Value Analytics

Did you know that, thanks to our Watch Analytics migration, we are now able to provide you with information about more FIN message types? The new Value Analytics product includes currency and value information for messages like MT190 (Advice of Charges, Interests, and Other Adjustments), MT490 (Advice of Charges, Interests, and Other Adjustments), MT710 (Advice of a Third Bank's Documentary Credit) and many more. Check out the Migration webpage or contact us now for more information.

In parallel, we are able to extract new payload details-related fields for specific Payments and Trade Finance message types.  Find out about our specific consulting services to bring added value to your decision-making process.

RMB Adoption is on the Rise in Australia

SWIFT’s RMB Tracker shows that Australia’s RMB payments value increased by 248% over the past 12 months.

“SWIFT's RMB Tracker evidences the burgeoning growth in the use of the offshore renminbi for settlement of trade transactions with China by companies around the world - including those in Australia”, Lynn Mathews, Member of the SWIFT Board of Directors and Chairman, SWIFT Australia National Member Group.

Find out more and subscribe to the monthly RMB tracker.

Did you know that you can complete your market analysis with bespoke peer benchmarking?

SWIFT's current peer benchmarking offering is designed to respond to any business request coming from SWIFT customers (Watch product users, as well as non-users). The analysis leverages SWIFT's unique data and gives you crucial competitive and strategic insights that can be used to optimise your business. Discover or re-discover the extended BI peer benchmarking options and request your customised and anonymised peer analysis today.

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