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New - Corporates Business Development Dashboard

An increasing number of corporates are connecting to SWIFT every day through various financial institutions around the world. With this upward trend, it is useful for financial institutions to rely on regular fact-based information, as it helps to improve strategic planning, perform competitive analysis, evaluate sales performance and manage service operations accordingly.

The Corporates Business Development Dashboard is SWIFT's most recent Business Intelligence service that provides valuable information to financial institutions on SWIFT's corporate market. It serves to get deeper and broader insights on financial institutions' transactions performed with these corporates.

How can you benefit from the Corporates Business Development Dashboard?

  • Develop prospective market analysis for business development
  • Identify new and potential corporate customers
  • Track and benchmark your business against SWIFT totals
  • Improve operational efficiency

Corporates Business Development factsheet

Watch Banking Premium – Go live planned in Q4 2015

As the Watch for Banking suite continues to evolve, a new bundle called Watch Banking Premium will soon be made available to all Watch Value Analytics customers. On top of the value and currency information you can already access in Watch Value Analytics, Watch Banking Premium will give you access to new payload fields of FIN message types (MTs). This information will allow you to improve the services you offer to your customers and drive the sales force where opportunities exist.

Watch Banking Premium will initially cover Payments and Trade Finance market, as well as value buckets for all markets and rankings.

Watch Banking Premium helps you to:

  • Map your clearing business and discover where potential new revenue flows can be generated
  • Investigate intermediation of your payments business
  • Benchmark your payments charges to market practises
  • Understand FX conversion practises
  • Visualise the market of confirmed LCs and track your dedicated market share
  • Compare your LC tenors (length) to market standards
  • Optimise your operational efficiency by maximising your straight-through-processing rate
  • Discover your market share in high value payments

Find out more by contacting SWIFT's BI Marketing Team.

Introducing 2-step verification on swift.com

As resiliency and security are central to SWIFT, please be advised of our plans to implement the 2-step verification for all swift.com users.

The new 2-step verification is an additional security login feature that consists of the following steps:

  • Step 1: log in with your standard swift.com username and password
  • Step 2: enter a security code, which will be different every time you log in. Optionally, you can select a check box labelled "Trust my device". When you do so, you will no longer be prompted for a security code when logging in with the same device for the next 30 days.

The second login verification is designed to prevent anyone from accessing or using your account, even if they know your password. As a precautionary measure, this industry standard is now being implemented on more and more websites, including swift.com.

Previously, only users with access to specific services were required to set up the 2-step verification. Going forward we will progressively be mandating more and more users to configure the 2-step verification for their swift.com accounts:

  • For Watch Administrators, all swift.com accounts will have to be enabled with this 2-step verification by end of September 2015.
  • For Watch end-users, all swift.com accounts will have to be enabled with the 2-step verification by end of October 2015.

How to set up your 2-step verification ? Video 'How to set-up your 2-step verification'

For more information, please consult the following documentation:

If you have any further questions, please contact your institution's swift.com Administrator or SWIFT Support

Benefit from our exclusive offer!

2015 is an important milestone for SWIFT Business Intelligence (BI) as we celebrate 10 years of analysis and expertise within the financial community.

In token of our appreciation of our customer’s loyalty and trust, we are now granting our Traffic Analytics customers a 4-month free trial period of the Watch Value Analytics tool.

In addition to their current Watch Traffic Analytics subscription, as of 1 June 2015 they will be automatically granted access to Watch Value Analytics until 30 September 2015.

Another free product trial for Watch Value Analytics customers will be made available later this year, granting access to our new Watch offering. More details on this will follow.

For any questions, please contact us at watch@swift.com.

New dynamic and easy-to-use dashboards in Watch

A new set of dynamic dashboards are now available for Value Analytics. This will focus on Payments - My currencies. Use these dashboards to monitor your message flows, understand your worldwide coverage, and track your activity share in each country.

With future releases and enhancements to existing dashboards, you will be even better equipped to optimise business strategy and manage correspondent bank relationships. 

Where can you find the new dashboards?

Go to 'Library of views' in your Analytics - value folder

For more information:

A Guide to Visuals in Value Analytics - Payments Dashboard - My currencies (August 2015)

Feel free to provide us with your feedback and suggestions for future dashboards!

Have you already subscribed to our monthly RMB Tracker?

SWIFT's July RMB Tracker shows that the Chinese currency now accounts for more than 30% of payments between South Africa and Greater China.


This RMB Tracker provides key statistics to understand the progress made in China's Renminbi (RMB) towards becoming an international currency.

Don't hesitate to register to our free monthly SWIFT RMB Tracker and consult past RMB Trackers or our overall BI offering.

On top of the RMB Tracker, we offer RMB Market Insights. This report is designed as a mean to track in detail and follow the growth of RMB and its impact on the financial industry as a whole. The report will help identifying the top currencies including their growth across various markets as well as the top countries using RMB across all these markets. In addition, an analysis of specific message types containing RMB transactions is included, showing the number of transactions, as well as transaction value and activity share versus total SWIFT. 

For more information about RMB Market Insights, please contact your Account Manager or Watch@swift.com.

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