KYC Registry

交换标准化 KYC 数据的安全共享平台

KYC Registry:贵机构实现 KYC 合规所需的信息

整个行业存在 130 多万个双边往来银行业务关系。 每当建立新的关系或者需要更新信息,银行都面临巨大的行政负担。 但是,确保对往来银行及其下游关系开展详尽、及时和准确的尽职调查,又从未像现在一样至关重要。

管理和交换标准化 KYC 数据需要一个高效共享平台,KYC Registry 满足了这一需求。 SWIFT 与世界上最大的往来银行合作定义了一套数据和文件集,以应对不同司法辖区的 KYC 要求。

您可以将贵机构的文件上传到 Registry ,并将其与选定的机构分享,这是完全免费的。 SWIFT 对数据进行严格验证,如果数据不完整或者需要更新,我们会通知贵机构,如果贵机构的数据发生变化,我们会随时提醒往来银行。

请贵机构的往来银行通过 Registry 分享其信息,以实现效率最大化。

更多了解 Registry 的功能

KYC Registry 案例研究: 劳埃德银行

了解劳埃德银行如何通过与 KYC Registry 及 SWIFT 的互信关系获取实实在在的价值

Single source of high-quality, comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional data

Information on The KYC Registry has been defined by the industry to meet KYC requirements across jurisdictions. It’s extensively validated and presented in a standardised format. Learn how Lloyd’s bank is deriving real value by using the Registry.

SWIFT Traffic Profile adds unique insight

The SWIFT Traffic Profile provides a neutral and factual snapshot of your exposure to sanctions risk via your FI network. Complements information in the Registry

KYC Adverse Media

New service supports your Customer Due Diligence (CDD) with comprehensive, high-quality news and public information

启用 KYC Registry

Read about The KYC Registry

Our document centre has factsheets, adoption guides and everything you need to know about The KYC Registry.

Plan how to work

The KYC Registry lets you manage your workflow simply and efficiently. First, define the list of legal entities you want to include. You also need to choose your users/administrator and assign roles to them.

Upload your institution’s data

When you’re ready to upload data to the Registry, we’ll guide you through the steps and validate the data before publication.

Get the benefits

Now you’re ready to start using The KYC Registry. It’s simple to share and receive data about your counterparties.



Addressing the unintended consequences of de-risking

New paper provides insights into what banks can do to protect their correspondent connections

UniCredit streamlines know your customer data collection with SWIFT’s KYC Registry

As an early adopter of The KYC Registry, UniCredit is actively encouraging other institutions to join the platform

RMA and RMA Plus: managing correspondent connections

This SWIFT paper explains how you can better understand, manage and mitigate operational, compliance and fraud risks in line with industry recommendations

KYC Registry 可以帮助提高贵机构的效率

Global banks

End multiple requests for the same information by multiple departments. Now you can rely on high-quality KYC data from a single source: The KYC Registry.

Regional banks

Respond to your key correspondents with high-quality, validated KYC data that meets their requirements across all the jurisdictions where you do business together.

Funds players

Solve the problem of multiple requests, formats and requirements from counterparties and intermediaries. The KYC Registry is your single source for exchanging standardised, validated KYC data.

Central banks

The KYC Registry offers financial institutions a global best practice standard for KYC information, increasing transparency and promoting effective compliance.

KYC Registry