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Using Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications

Table of contents

Benefits of L2BA

Benefits for business application providers

Offer your end customers a single, secure and standardised connection to over 10,800 financial institutions around the world. Software applications can easily be integrated with Swift connectivity, avoiding infrastructure investment.

  • Using Swift as a single point of connection with banks, there’s no need to spend time and money setting up multiple connections with individual institutions.
  • Banks can expect industry standard formats from duly identified counterparties with their own Business Identifier Code (BIC).

As an L2BA provider, you’ll become an official Swift commercial partner, enabling you to engage in dedicated commercial activities with Swift.

Benefits for end customers

End customers will benefit from our global reach and will enjoy secure financial communications across multiple banks.

  • End customers have the freedom to select the banking partners and application providers most suited to their needs.
  • As a plug-and-play solution, L2BA can be up and running quickly, avoiding back-office integration by using an application provider.

Benefits for banks

L2BA provides standardised and secure connectivity with corporate clients – so there’s no need for banks to invest in alternatives to communicate with their customers.

L2BA providers can offer bank connectivity with all Swift-connected institutions, without having to establish contractual frameworks for individual banks.

Features of L2BA

Features of the solution include:

  • Swift cloud-based connectivity
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • 24/7 support
  • Straightforward integration into applications
  • Format conversion and integration capabilities
  • Provide additional Swift solutions to your customers (e.g. 3SKey for two factor authentication, Swift Sanctions Screening, SWIFTRef, etc.)

How to get L2BA

Contact your Swift account manager or email to learn more about connecting your applications to Swift via L2BA.