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More efficient funds distribution through automation

Funds distribution has traditionally operated through different business models and players with their own processes and ways of working. As a result, manual or semi-manual operating environments have often persisted – and with them, inherent inefficiencies, operational risks and processing costs.

It’s time for change. Demand for funds is growing and with it, price competition. As the regulatory environment tightens, transparency is a key requirement. For funds distributors, funds platforms and transfer agents, automation and standardisation are now an urgent requirement. 

Our financial messaging solution for funds distribution standardises and automates your transaction flows, including account openings, orders, confirmations, transfers, statements and reporting - all using the latest, ISO 20022 XML-based standards, ensuring efficient STP, interoperability and transparency.

Our funds solution also covers standardised order flows for the alternative funds and pension funds industry.

By using Swift, funds distributors have reduced order handling costs by up to 70 per cent.

Ends duplication of processes and costs

With our standardised solution for funds distribution, you use one channel and the same standardised message flow to connect to all participants, dramatically reducing costs.

Improves transparency and auditability

Our automated solution provides an audit trail of all transactions and operations, delivering full transparency and traceability.

Reduces operational risks

Eliminates manual errors and improves control through highly secure messaging and audit trails. We also offer easy-to-access financial crime compliance services.

Discover our funds distribution solutions

Automated funds distribution saves costs, reduces risks and increases transparency.