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of secure financial messaging services

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We have your needs covered

Today, our FIN messaging service underpins interbank payments and settlement worldwide, carrying more than 23 million structured messages a day securely, reliably and with the highest availability in the industry.

FIN offers the features you and your regulators demand, including industry-level security, message validation and non-repudiation proofs. Message retrieval for conflict resolution, recovery of lost data and audit compliance for anti-money laundering and KYC are built in.

FIN’s internationally-agreed standard messages, straight-through processing and SLAs ensure efficiency and good counterparty relationships. Messages are duplicated to third parties for monitoring, KYC and sanctions screening are facilitated, and data can be kept up to date with minimal manual intervention.

Connects you securely

FIN offers industry-level security, validation and non-repudiation of messages. With more than 11,000 organisations in over 200 countries connected, it underpins global correspondent banking.

Provides counterparty reassurance

Users of FIN may sign up for Service Level Agreements, enabling them to provide guarantees to their end-customers about, for example, execution time, remittance information and charging arrangements.

Supports FCC

Our financial crime compliance portfolio, including Sanctions Testing and The KYC Registry, helps you ensure regulatory compliance.

Enhance your interbank payments practice

Find out about solutions to support correspondent banking.