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Trade and Supply Chain Finance

Digitising trade and supply chain finance between corporates and banks

From single channel of banking to improved working capital flows

Are you still focussed on managing trade risk using manual and paper driven processes in your business? While traditional trade is a good risk mitigation tool, the often complex processes and reliance on paperwork make it inefficient and slow. As a result your supply chain slows down at a time when efficiency and liquidity are the key to business success.

Whether it is a global supply chain or a corporate dealing with multiple banks for their trade needs, digitising your trade processes can yield unmatched benefits and improve not only the risk management but also the efficiency of your working capital flows.

SWIFT has been working with banks, corporates and the wider trade finance community and developed solutions that address the need for digitisation in this critical space.  MT798, a single channel to connect with all your trade banks and Bank Payment Obligation (BPO), a digital trade instrument for efficient and low risk settlement of trade.

Trade finance solutions

Learn about SWIFT’s trade finance solutions in more detail

Case Study - BTMU

Bank Payment Obligation accelerates faster trade finance processes and delivers new opportunities at BTMU

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Case Study - Safran

A case study from Safran, Crédit Agricole CIB and GTC on MT 798

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Improve efficiency of your trade processes

  • Lack of standardised channel for communication with banks
  • Heavy reliance on paper communication
  • Low visibility of outstanding risk instruments
  • Manual workflow for critical processes

As an exporter or an importer, you will be dealing with multiple banks for all your trade needs which can create inefficiencies and risks if not properly managed.

Our solutions

Global Financial Messaging


MT798, the multibank trade solution from SWIFT, provides corporates with a globally recognised channel to digitise trade flows with their banks.

Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)

The BPO is a standardised, irrevocable payment instruction which uses ISO 20022 data structures. The BPO offers buyers and sellers a way to secure and finance their trade transactions, regardless of size, geography or industry.

A single secure channel of communication between corporates and banks

  • One time integration with SWIFT to access multiple banks
  • Ability to automate internal workflow for trade finance
  • Straight through processing of trade transactions
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Trade and Supply Chain Finance