SWIFT for Securities Market Infrastructures

Secure, reliable messaging to allow SMIs to process transactions, mitigate risk, and increase operational efficiency

Responding to structural shifts within the securities market infrastructure landscape

Securities market infrastructures (SMIs), which include Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), Securities Settlement Systems (SSS), Trade Repositories (TR) and Central Counterparties (CCPs), act as critical service providers.

SMIs are facing a multitude of challenges, including regional market integration, the need to become more cost-efficient, offer new services, adopt new standards and replace legacy systems. In addition they have to contend with the impact of market and regulatory reforms, which demands a more efficient use of liquidity and collateral, and new reporting requirements.

Alongside these changes, the emergence of ISO 20022 continues, with the standard rapidly becoming the de-facto choice of market infrastructures worldwide. This brings the additional challenge of ensuring a harmonised global approached to adoption of the standard.

These factors, coupled with the changing geopolitical landscape, growing cyber risks and the extensive IT dependencies result in the need for SMIs to demonstrate higher levels of risk management, transparency and operational resilience.

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SWIFT Services for TARGET2-Securites (T2S)

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SMIs have to work. Consistently and reliably.

  • Ensure market and securities integrity and regulatory compliance
  • Manage risks and costs
  • Adapt to regionalisation

SMIs must deliver secure, reliable, efficient and cost-effective clearing, settlement and securities safekeeping for their community. SMIs are impacted by fast evolving and potentially disruptive technologies, by direct and indirect regulation, the need to control costs, and the ongoing evolution in standards.

SWIFT’s expertise in innovative technologies, messaging and standards enables us to partner effectively with FMIs to help address these challenges and find cost effective and reliable solutions.

Our solutions

Global Securities Messaging

SWIFT for Securities Market Infrastructures

A comprehensive portfolio of products and services to support Securities Market Infrastructures and their communities with all of their business needs



SWIFT's Value-Added Network (VAN) Solution for T2S provides secure exchange of information in ISO 20022 formats between T2S participants and the T2S platform.

T2S Back-office Integration

SWIFT’s optional products and services allow for a complete T2S connectivity solution, including the integration layer with the back-office.

SMI Services and Consulting

Industry expertise, tailored to your needs

SWIFT has developed a complete portfolio of consulting and other operational services to help meet the needs of market infrastructures and their communities.
We offer business and technical consulting across the entire lifecycle of the project - from requirements gathering, business flow design, translation and conversion, testing and community migration services through to operational excellence.

ISO 20022 Expertise

SWIFT has specialist ISO 20022 tools and services, aimed at MIs and their communities that have decided to migrate to the standard, e.g. impact assessment, solution design, ‘start sets’, change management and an enhanced MyStandards platform.

SWIFT is uniquely placed to support securities market infrastructures and their communities

  • Secure and resilient connectivity and messaging
  • Continuous focus on reducing TCO for MIs and their communities
  • ISO 15022 and 20022 expertise and standardisation capabilities

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SWIFT for Securities Market Infrastructures