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How can we help?

Swift has been working closely with payment market infrastructures to fully understand planned changes and to promote harmonisation of ISO 20022 implementations.

We’re committed to helping our customers and the market manage the changes successfully and will offer the connectivity, products and services needed to achieve this.

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Single window

Swift has been appointed as a Network Service Provider for ESMIG. Access to all Eurosystem services will be possible via Swift’s connectivity services. Swift is committed to providing its users with a single-window for connectivity to ESMIG and to more than 235 market infrastructures world-wide, as well as to cross-border SWIFT gpi payments, future-proofing your investment.

Tailored advisory services

Our industry experts are available to advise and guide you with impact assessments, training, project management, technical and standards-related expertise.

Value added services

We’re developing the tools and services that you need to make your TARGET consolidation and EURO1 projects a success.

  • Our Connector for T2 will shield Swift customers from all ESMIG and EURO1 specifics, such as Business Application and File Header signatures, (de)compression, direct payload adapter, (de)bulking, etc.
  • Validation will be possible at the edge for both incoming and outgoing TARGET2 flows, as per TARGET2 Market Practices, compensating for the absence of network validation
  • The Swift Translator tool will enable customers to translate from any format to the ISO 20022 TARGET2 and EURO1 market practice formats and vice versa. Predefined translation libraries will also be made available, reducing investment costs and time-to-market


  • End-to-end testing will be possible with Swift as of August 2020, allowing for extensive testing in advance of the official Eurosystem User testing phase
  • Our integration portfolio will allow bespoke orchestration of your flows between your various applications

We are also ensuring that other Swift products and services that you currently use are ESMIG ready. Examples of these are our portfolios of Financial Crime Compliance and Business Intelligence services.


Price list for Swift’s solution for ESMIG