Preparing for business changes

Equip yourself through training, consulting and support

In-house experts support your needs

If you want to improve business efficiency and remain agile in the face of evolving business challenges, you need a comprehensive training offering for your staff.

In today’s market, it is not enough to have a small number of experts covering a single subject. If you want a qualified and reliable team, you need accessible training courses on how to use your SWIFT infrastructure - and these should work online, in a classroom or onsite.

SWIFT’s 24/7 qualified staff are on hand to rapidly respond and support you via a range of support packages. You can also leverage our managed services, helping you to manage risk and complexity.

Why being SWIFT smart?

Why being SWIFT smart?Why being SWIFT smart?
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Why being SWIFT smart?

How does Société Générale optimise its SWIFT platform?

On-site and tailored training from SWIFT can help large institutions with mature back office infrastructures to better meet operational requirements.

Individualised operational support

  • Reduce risk while achieving continuous operational excellence
  • Identify and adopt best practices to reduce costs
  • Leverage outside expertise or build it in-house

As your business changes the expectation for operational excellence remains. An accurate understanding of your processes and underlying infrastructure will go a long way toward efficient performance. But even the most well informed institutions need training, consulting, and operational services in the face of a rapidly evolving industry.

Our solutions


Training catalogue

Training can be delivered in a classroom or online.

Tailored training

We can meet your specific training needs with individually tailored sessions to boost your performance.


Increase your SWIFT knowledge when and where you want using our new e-learning platform, with short content modules suitable for different user profiles and levels of expertise


Professional Services

Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, reduce costs or replace legacy systems, SWIFT consultants can design and build solutions to meet your business needs.

Support and Care Services

SWIFT Community Support

With five different levels of support available, we will meet your service needs – whether you’re looking for standard online support or dedicated premium offerings.

Advanced Support and Care Services

We maintain the health of your SWIFT environment with on-site assistance and proactive system maintenance. Our services include annual sanity checks, emergency assistance and quarterly conference calls with named SWIFT contacts.

Alliance Managed Operations

Our managed service enables us to manage your on-premises Alliance interface on your behalf, freeing up your in-house experts to focus on core business activities.

We can help you to protect and enhance your SWIFT investment

  • Knowledgeable, experienced and accessible experts
  • Fully up-to-date with the latest SWIFT developments
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities

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Preparing for business changes