Anti-money laundering (AML)

Anti-money laundering (AML) compliance is one of the most costly and challenging issues facing the industry today. We’re working with our community to identify risks, strengthen procedures and improve efficiency.

Our anti-money laundering (AML) solutions

Our compliance solutions can help you identify financial crime risks, strengthen your AML procedures and improve operational efficiency.

Compliance Analytics

Gain a clear view of your branch and correspondent activity, including your counterparties’ nested downstream activities. Uncover unusual patterns in your payment flows and find out your activity share in high-risk countries.

  • Analyse your SWIFT payments
  • Identify nested downstream activities
  • Benchmark your traffic

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Correspondent Monitoring takes a top-down approach, looking at each institution’s global SWIFT transaction activity based on the counterparties they do business with, their message flows and any nested relationships.

- Brigitte De Wilde, Head of Financial Crime Intelligence and Services, SWIFT


Payments Data Quality

Check the quality of originator and beneficiary data in your SWIFT payments messages. Payments Data Quality enhances your transaction screening and AML monitoring processes by providing a group-wide view of your payments traffic.

  • Increase AML monitoring effectiveness
  • Understand your payments traffic
  • Achieve FATF 16 compliance

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Correspondent Monitoring

Strengthen your AML and CFT procedures by accessing group-level monitoring of your correspondent risks. Correspondent Monitoring addresses the specific AML needs of correspondent banks by providing a top-down view of payment chains per correspondent relationship.

  • Understand your banking flows
  • Identify high-risk areas
  • Set your own alerts

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