Simplifying payments and cash management for corporates

You send and receive payments worldwide, so you need a single channel to connect to all your banking partners

A single channel to all your banking partners

If you send and receive international payments, you need a single channel to connect all your banking partners. This avoids adding cost and complexity to your operations.

With our solutions for corporates, you can reach financial institutions worldwide through a single channel, using global messaging standards, common formats and processes. Our messaging services carry your bulk payment files or individual payments securely and efficiently. Standardised account reporting is also available, giving you centralised visibility across all your accounts.

And you also have the flexibility to choose your banking partners.

Solutions for corporate customers

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Simplify the complexity of multi-banking

  • Standardise the way you connect and communicate with banking partners
  • Gain visibility of cash positions across your business
  • Increase STP through enhanced automation

Using different banks’ services based on geographic scope and specialist expertise can bring benefits. But integrating multiple banking systems into your back office can be costly and labour-intensive, adding complexity and potential risk into your financial processes.

Our solutions

Secure Financial Messaging

Our FIN messaging service

FIN carries 22.3+ million structured financial messages per day, securely and reliably. It’s depended upon by corporates, FIs and market infrastructures worldwide.

FileAct for bulk payments and file transfer

Our file transfer solution is ideal for sending large files of structured messages including bulk payments, operational data or reports.

Interfaces and Integration

A low cost, low footprint option for connecting over SWIFT

Alliance Lite2 is our cloud based connectivity option. It’s keenly priced and very easy to implement, while giving you full access to our messaging solutions and other services.

Customer-owned infrastructure tailored to your needs

Multinational corporations with high transaction volumes or specific security requirements may select a customer-owned infrastructure that is operational on your premises and tailored to your needs.

Compliance and Shared Services

Manage reference data efficiently with SWIFTRef for Corporates

SWIFTRef is a single online source of high-quality reference data. Use it to avoid payment failures and delays through incorrect SSIs or counterparty data.


MyStandards is a collaborative online platform. It helps you manage and coordinate standards use across your business and with banking partners.


Our training opportunities for corporates

To help you get familiar with SWIFT's solutions for corporates and put SWIFT Standards for corporate-to-bank traffic into practice, SWIFT Training offers a suite of training courses. You can choose between several delivery channels and we can also design courses tailored to your specific needs.

Consulting Services

Optimise your treasury and cash management processes by adopting industry best practices for bank connectivity with the help of our consultants.

Why choose SWIFT to connect to your banking partners?

  • Secure and reliable corporate connectivity
  • Global messaging standards ensure interoperability
  • Cost-effective straight through processing