Simplify identity and mandate management

Now there’s a simpler way for corporates and banks to manage digital signatures and message authentication

Secure digital identity management

Digital signatures are standard practice for electronic transaction authentication between banks and their corporate customers.

Multi-banked corporates need to manage multiple tokens, passwords and processes, which is complex and increases operational risk. Banks need to implement an identity management system, which incurs infrastructure investment and maintenance costs.

3Skey for Banks

How 3SKey helps you manage personal digital identities efficiently

Corporates: standardise and automate your processes for greater efficiency

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Connect to all of your banks and counterparties worldwide using globally-recognised standard messages over SWIFT. Achieve straight through processing of payments in multiple markets and clarity across your cash and liquidity positions.

Our solutions

Global Financial Messaging

FIN for your structured messaging needs

FIN carries 22.3+ million structured MT format financial messages per day.

FileAct for bulk payments and file transfer

Our file transfer solution is ideal for sending large files of structured messages including bulk payments, operational data or reports.

Interfaces and Integration

Alliance Lite2: your connection to the financial world

With all the benefits of a cloud-based solution, Alliance Lite2 offers a direct connection to your banks and counterparties.

Customer-owned infrastructure tailored to your needs

Multinational corporations with high transaction volumes or specific security requirements can select a customer-owned infrastructure that is operational on your premises and tailored to your needs.

Compliance and Shared Services

Coordinate standards use and version management across your business

MyStandards is a collaborative online platform. It helps you to manage and coordinate standards use across your business and with banking partners.


Training: Cash and Treasury Management for Corporates

A one-day training session on using SWIFT messages for cash and treasury management. Available as classroom training or on-site.

Why choose SWIFT for personal digital identity management?

  • Known for security and reliability
  • Connects over 10,800 users worldwide
  • Offers multibank, multi-channel solution
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Simplify identity and mandate management