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The global provider
of secure financial messaging services

Business functions

SWIFT offers a diverse portfolio of innovative products and services to help members of our community get the most out of our network.

We use a wide range of both tried and tested methods and cutting-edge technologies to deliver a safe, secure and reliable messaging service.

Find out more below about the SWIFT services used and trusted by over 11,000 financial institutions.

Business functions

Your needs by business functions


Get started with SWIFT

Want to be better connected? SWIFT offers you global reach to your customers and counterparties in...

Connect to SWIFT

Meeting your connectivity needs, from multi-banking to multi-networking

Global financial messaging solutions

Every day, financial institutions and businesses depend on secure, reliable and rapid exchange of millions of...

Payments and beyond

We deliver on your need for secure financial messages. And much more.

Adopting ISO 20022

With numerous ISO 20022 projects underway, participants must evaluate the collective impact of these initiatives upon...

Financial Crime Compliance (FCC)

Remaining compliant with ever-changing financial crime regulation is challenging and expensive. We aim to help you...

Cloud-based technology

With lighter footprints and faster times to market, our cloud solutions allow you to focus on...
Corporate treasury

Simplifying payments and cash management processes

You send and receive payments worldwide, so you need a single channel to connect to all...


Cash management reporting

Increase cash and trade visibility with automated and standardised reporting from all your banking partners

Simplify identity and mandate management

Now there’s a simpler way for corporates and banks to manage digital signatures and message authentication

Integrate your operations

Transforming data from proprietary message formats to SWIFT formats – and vice versa

Operational excellence

For financial institutions and market infrastructures achieving operational excellence requires deep expertise

SWIFT for Securities Market Infrastructures

Secure, reliable messaging to allow SMIs to process transactions, mitigate risk, and increase operational efficiency

SWIFT for Payment Market Infrastructures

Delivering secure, reliable, and efficient messaging to enable payment market infrastructures to process transactions, mitigate risk...

SWIFT for custodians

Automate your business flows and leverage our community of market participants to reach new clients and...

Serving broker/dealers securely and reliably

With us, you can extend your reach across more than 200 countries and streamline your front-...

Automation for funds distributors, platforms and transfer agents

Investors and regulators expect increased levels of transparency, compliance and customer service


CLS is a unique market infra-structure of critical importance to the FX industry. SWIFT provides the...