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Table of contents

Industry initiatives: An update on community focus areas from SWIFT

SWIFT continues to engage with our community on various areas of focus for the industry. Join this session to hear the status on SWIFT initiatives in areas such as intra-day liquidity, corporates, securities and standards.

  • Jeffery Eck, MyStandards Business Manager, Americas and UK Region, SWIFT
  • Stacy Rosenthal, Head of Payments Initiatives, Americas and UK Region, SWIFT Americas

Financial Crime Compliance: The road towards SWIFT’s compliance utility

As the challenge of complying with the new regulations continues to grow, banks are having to invest more and more in their financial crime compliance processes and infrastructure, all while coping with rising cost pressures. This session will provide an update on SWIFT’s community-based solutions to maximize the effectiveness and reduce the cost of financial crime compliance. We will also share our plans to build a fully integrated compliance utility, bringing together all existing and upcoming compliance related products and services.

  • Paul Taylor, Head of Compliance Initiatives, Americas and UK Region, SWIFT 

Real-time retail payments: Building for the future

The case for implementing real-time retail payments is becoming increasingly apparent and consumers expect to pay 24/7/365 with instant funds availability. But approaches vary and solutions differ… Join this session to hear about the solution that SWIFT is rolling out in Australia and what it could mean for Canada as the community is conceiving the next generation payments platform.

  • Pat Antonacci, Head of Services and Suport, Americas and UK Region, SWIFT
  • Frank Van Driessche, Senior Business Manager, Market Infrastructures, SWIFT

ISO 20022: Case studies and implementation

How successful have other communities around the world been with implementing ISO 20022 for their infrastructure projects? Come along to this deeper dive session to hear about some of the details related to both successful pilot and live implementations in other parts of the world. What lessons can we learn from them? What techniques and tools did they use? How does any or all of this impact the Canadian community?

  • Malene McMahon, Senior Business Manager, Market Infrastructures & Initiatives Team, Americas and UK Region, SWIFT

SWIFT Infrastructure: Evolving to serve the community

Exciting improvements are underway for SWIFT Alliance Interface portfolio. Lite2 is the easiest way to connect to SWIFT and has become the most effective and low cost SWIFT interface with minimal footprint. Alliance Message Hub provides a highly resilient, multi-network open architecture to meet the sophisticated requirements of many SWIFT users. SWIFT Alliance Access and Gateway will be getting a significant technology refresh next year with release 7.2. Join this session for an update on all of the advances in the Alliance portfolio.

  • David Fergie, Principal Financial Services Industry Consultant, Americas and UK Region, SWIFT
  • Dan Moran, Head of Technical Sales Services, Americas and UK Region, SWIFT

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