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Over the last year, SWIFTRef has grown to become a unique industry source for worldwide reference data (BIC, LEI, national bank identifiers, IBAN/SEPA data, SSIs) and financial information. If you are eager to discover and watch how we have significantly enriched our platform with a wealth of financial information, with new delivery channels and impressive analytical services, then this session will be your place-to-be. It will also offer you the opportunity to share feedback on our existing portfolio and tell us all about your wishes for future developments. Looking forward to seeing you at SOFE!

Business Intelligence - Leveraging SWIFT statistics to gain business and operational insights

“Big data” remains a hot topic and more and more institutions are improving their analytics capabilities. During this session we will showcase the SWIFT BI portfolio by sharing insights on topics like correspondent banking, trade finance, cash management, compliance and operational efficiency. We’ll pay special attention to the new BI offerings in 2014: Compliance Analytics and Securities Analytics.

Alliance Managed Operations (AMO)  Bringing SWIFT’s Operational Excellence to your premises

Are you in charge of running and maintaining SWIFT’s Alliance interfaces in addition to many other non-SWIFT related activities? You know SWIFT Alliance interfaces play a vital role for your institution, but are you provided with enough time and resources to ensure smooth operations? Or do you sometimes feel you are lacking the SWIFT-specific knowledge you need to properly do your job?

If you recognise yourself in any of these situations, then SWIFT cordially invites you to attend this “on-invitation-only” session.

At SWIFT, we understand that managing SWIFT Alliance interfaces can sometimes be a daunting task and/or might not be the best use of your time. In this session, we will explain how SWIFT’s Operational Services, from Support to our new Alliance Managed Operations service, can bring SWIFT’s Operational Excellence to your premises. Come and find out how you can benefit from:

  • More time to focus on your core business
  • Optimisation of SWIFT Alliance interfaces
  • Expert assistance and service delivery
  • Predictable costs and scalable resources

Simplifying standards – Standards Release and major market initiatives

Every year, SWIFT is deploying a new Standards Release in its FIN messaging. This brings change (new, deleted and/or updated message) to the way you run your business. Similarly, large scale industry initiatives like SEPA, T2S or T2 are equally creating waves across organisations. Do you have a clear view on the impact of all these changes on your business?

In this session, you will hear about how the portfolio of SWIFT standards products and services can help you better assess and address you standards challenges.

SWIFT Compliance Services - Roadmap

There are not many hotter topics than Financial Crime Compliance within the financial industry today. Promoting further financial market stability, and introducing new controls, regulators and indeed media have focussed heavily on this domain. In early 2014, SWIFT announced that it was extending its Financial Crime Compliance offering beyond its existing Sanctions tools to a KYC Registry and Compliance Data Analytics tools as well as looking at other possible services to help customers mitigate cost, improve efficiency and enable better compliance. Join us to find out what’s already available, what’s in the pipeline and how our compliance services can help your institution reduce cost and risk in the regulatory compliance process.

Alliance Messaging Hub (On invitation only)

The Alliance Messaging Hub is a fully integrated strategic platform within the Alliance product family. AMH is a single integration platform for financial institutions looking to rationalize their messaging infrastructure across networks and, at the same time, introduce new products and services to the market in a faster and more cost-effective way. AMH provides a scalable investment, from low-barrier entry projects to high-volume messaging needs. Come and find out how Credit Suisse is using AMH to address their business concerns whilst modernising their messaging architectures, increasing resilience and reducing costs.

Intra-Day Liquidity Management

The global financial crisis has highlighted the need to improve liquidity management. As a result, regulators are putting more stringent regulatory frameworks in place with short implementation deadlines that include the monitoring of intraday liquidity risk. This session will focus on ways to frame and tackle the challenge, share experience on how banks are approaching intra-day and explain how existing SWIFT solutions can be leveraged.

SWIFT WebAccess - Enhancing Browse

SWIFT WebAccess is SWIFT’s new offering for Web applications, enabling service providers to offer secure access to and use of their on-line, web-based services over SWIFT to their end-users. In this session, you will learn how you, as a service provider, can leverage SWIFT security and identity services while limiting integration costs, and how your customers can leverage their SWIFTNet infrastructure to facilitate adoption of your services.

Sanctions Screening

Sanctions Screening is a centralised screening solution that helps low volume financial institutions comply with evolving sanctions laws and regulations. This session will show you why more than 200 customers in 83 countries have already adopted this solution.

KYC Registry

Know your customer (KYC) compliance is a major source of compliance-related cost and effort for financial institutions.

The lack of a single, standardised, on-demand source for validated, up-to-date KYC information leads to massive numbers of document exchanges, and a huge amount of duplicated effort and cost for the industry. To reduce KYC-related effort and cost, SWIFT has developed a global KYC Registry for correspondent banking. The Registry will enable users to address regulatory requirements in a standardised, efficient manner. Join this session to find out what the KYC Registry can do for you.

Compliance - Back to the Future

Going back to the basics to address the needs of the future. With the growing threat posed by financial crime and the associated risk of incurring penalties for not complying with the various directives and regulations that seek to fight and prevent it, financial institutions are coming under an ever increasing amount of regulatory pressure. This session provides the opportunity, after reviewing the basics, to discuss and understand the types of challenge, the associated risks that they represent, and, importantly, the responses that can be deployed.

Target Audience: Customers interested in raising their awareness of Compliance matters within financial institutions (the objectives, the actors, the threats, the responses, etc) in an interactive way with their peers.

T2S – Getting ready for a new operational environment

Many in Europe will be impacted, directly or indirectly by TARGET2-Securities (T2S), especially as the settlement platform enters its testing phase. As a securities market player, your operational teams are getting ready to test and operate in this new environment. The first test is internal, by assessing the T2S knowledge and expertise of your resources and setting the new operating procedures to maximise your CSD and/or T2S services. Another test will be on your integration capabilities and how far you managed the transition to ISO 20022 or ISO 15022 enhanced, whether native or via translation tools. The final test will be when actually on-boarding your new CSD service or T2S directly, through U2A and/or A2A channels, in testing mode. The level and quality of your readiness will depend on many aspects that this session will help you identify and address.

Meet Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy

Come and see how our two guest speakers are managing their operations with excellence. As a SWIFT user you want to ensure you get most value from your infrastructure without compromising on risk management and business continuity. Optimising your SWIFT operations requires you to have the right set of tools and processes with a specific focus on aspects such as availability, resilience, security and risk.

Starting each from their specific environment, our two speakers will explain to you the challenges they face on a daily basis and how they have managed to guarantee high availability and Business Continuity Processing to their users.

If you are interested in getting some tips and tricks to increase your operational excellent, please join these sessions!

Operational Excellence: Lessons learnt in benchmarking your operations in terms of cost, resiliency and security

In this session we will present some key findings our SWIFT consultants have learned during their experience of operational assessment studies. At first, we will focus on the most common areas that have proven to have high impacts on the total cost of ownership of the SWIFT infrastructure.  We will provide benchmarking data together with some mitigating actions that have been implemented by some of our clients to drastically reduce the cost without jeopardizing functionality or operational excellence.  Next we will move to resilience where we will show some typical architectures applied by our clients and highlight strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve resilience and reduce risk.  The last part of the session will focus on the typical security flaws that we have witnessed during our security assessments.  We will show compelling data on security risks in areas such as security officers, certificates, access management, business relationship but also in the application configuration and the connection with back-office applications.

CLS Member Gateway Replacement Project

CLS, as part of its strategic architecture programme (STAR), is replacing the current CLS Member Gateway technology with a solution based on industry standards. This session will provide details on the Member Gateway Replacement Project, including an overview of CLS, current and target architecture, key benefits, high-level timelines and member migration plan details.

2015 roadmap - Alliance interfaces

Do you want to know everything that is coming next year for your Alliance interfaces? This is where you will find it.

Our product managers will walk you through the release timeline for 2015, highlighting important patches and upcoming new features. You will discover what’s new, and you’ll get the latest updates on products that are soon to be retired.

If you want to be prepared for 2015, this is the session you cannot afford to miss.

Do more with less – thanks to SWIFT’s innovative new interface & integration solutions

Do you also have the feeling that the number of systems and applications that you manage just keeps on increasing? It does not always have to be like this!

Join us and discover how products like Alliance Remote Gateway or Alliance Lifeline help you reduce the complexity of your SWIFT infrastructure, and allow you to do more of what really matters. With less. This session will also highlight SWIFT’s involvement in the integration space. Using real customer implementations as case studies, we will show you how our Integration products add exciting new capabilities to Alliance Access and Alliance Lite2.

Support on the move: Evolution of Support Services

At the last two SOFEs in Amsterdam and Frankfurt, we consulted with you on introducing new service and support features. We also completed industry research on service and support practices in the B2B space. We are now in the position to announce the new features that will become available during the course of 2015. Come and find out all about them during this session.

Target audience: participants familiar with our current support offering and/or that have attended the consultation sessions during previous SOFEs.

Operations at SWIFT

This is a follow-up of the very successful session at SOFE 2012 entitled “Operations at SWIFT - Managing IT services in a high availability environment”. This year we will take a closer look at some aspects of operational excellence, including the role of operational processes and procedures in ensuring a consistent approach to change and problem management.

Error 404 - Future Not Found (Registration required)

Given the success of this session at SOFE last year, we would like to bring SOFE participants together again this year to discuss your future needs to manage and monitor your systems so we can continue the journey that we have embarked on. We will update you on what SWIFT has done with the feedback received in last year’s Error 404 session, then we will again guide you through 3 deep dive sessions and one workshop on subjects that matter to you and are instrumental in improving your day to day operational experience. Please join us to watch, listen, discuss and tell us what you think!

  • Support Tools & Portal Evolution - discovering a tailored one-stop portal, covering all your information and support needs
  • Diagnostic & Monitoring Evolution - exploring tools & techniques to improve our diagnostic & monitoring experiences
  • Information & Documentation Evolution - designing an immersive information experience

Registration for the deep dives is required as seats are limited. Registration for these sessions will be done at the registration desk when you pick up your conference badge.

Target Audience: we are looking for participants who either:

  • have experience in using our current support tools, (UHB, Knowledge Base, Config Browser, Case Manager…)
  • have innovative ideas on how we can and should improve
  • know what information you need from SWIFT, and how to integrate it in the back office

Final work session

During this session, we will inform you of the results from the Error 404 sessions of SOFE 2013.  At the same time, we will validate the outcomes and ideas collected in the Error 404 sessions of SOFE 2014. This final  work session is open to all participants  with no need to register  beforehand.