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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

03:00-04:00 p.m.

Standards: Are Latin American banks stepping up in the ISO 20022 major league?


The ISO 20022 train left the station a while ago …  leaving the field for the big guys to play. Is your entity a minor or major league player? Come and learn what it means to play in the ISO 20022 major league!


  • Eduardo Palacios Kahuam, Executive Director, Head of Trade and Transactional Services, J.P. Morgan Mexico
  • Carlos Andrés Rodriguez, Director Cash Management , Bancolombia
  • Moderator: Omar Lago-Rodríguez, Product Market Manager, SWIFT

SWIFT for Corporates: Myths, facts, and trends

This session will touch on these companies’ experiences during the implementation of their SWIFT platform. Join us for this interactive session that will give you an inside look at the challenges, successes, and opportunities that different companies and maturity models within SWIFT have experienced throughout their transformation project.


  • Franciso Javier Contreras Navarro, Financial Operations Manager, Corporate Treasury Mexico, CEMEX
  • Luis Eduardo Díaz, Manager, Treasury and Financing, Grupo KUO
  • Mauricio Gil, Director, Treasury and Tax, Mabe
  • Alfonso Molina Romo, Director, Corporate Treasury, Televisa
  • Moderator: Margarita Carrillo, Director, Treasury, Global Business Solutions, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The Past Five Years: A look at Latin American payments & trade evolution


While the US has largely rebounded from the financial crisis, Europe’s anaemic recover and the slowdown in China have undoubtedly impacted Latin America. In the first 30 minutes of this session we will use  SWIFT’s Business Intelligence Tools to look at the evolution of payments and trade among Latin American nations and their counterparty countries. This will be followed by a look at SWIFTRef, our reference data offerings. What was once a physical BIC Directory as evolved into a range of reference data solutions for data from ABAs to IBANs and much more.


  • Daniel Lynch, Business Intelligence Solutions Manager, SWIFT

Security Guidance Workshop (SWIFT customers only)

Security management is critical to the financial industry, and it is imperative for financial institutions to protect against and detect unauthorized or suspicious transactions. Institutions require control mechanisms to ensure the integrity of their back office systems, as any vulnerability may put at risk their operations.

This security guidance workshop gives users an overview of the recommended security concepts when deploying Alliance and other SWIFT products in their own environments. In addition, it includes an introduction to SWIFT’s security guidance documentation which sets out the minimum set of customer security controls that financial institutions need to implement in order to protect their local environment.


  • Juan Martínez, Managing Director, Latin America & the Caribbean, SWIFT

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

10:00-11:00 a.m.

Compliance: Collaboration with our financial community to address regional and global compliance shared challenges


Compliance is a challenge shared by all financial institutions, and one that is best met together. Since investments in financial crime compliance do not yield competitive advantages, it makes sense to collaborate and share best practices. Only by working together we will be able to demonstrate a steadfast commitment to financial crime compliance. In this session we will share some clear examples on how the region has set the tone for a stronger financial system, thereby supporting the region’s inclusion in wider international trade activity.


  • Daniel Bañados Maticorena, Corporate Compliance Manager, BAC Credomatic
  • Manuel Olivier Montenegro Flores, Director of Anti-Money Laundering, Banco Azteca
  • Ramiro Uribe Aleman,  National Manager of Prevention and Compliance, Banco Económico, Bolivia
  • Moderator: Fedra Ware, Practice Lead, Compliance Services, SWIFT

Securities: The tides of global investment – destination Americas? Preserving and channeling regional growth (Sponsored by Bloomberg)


When it comes to the financial services landscape today, banks, brokers, investment managers and even market infrastructures are increasingly challenged. Facing an increase in operational complexity, costs and regulation coupled with the pressure to grow has painted a new reality for all. This work session will touch upon how Latin America’s growth areas are shifting more towards safe havens (i.e. – securities) and how external and internal forces are re-shaping the landscape.


  • Alejandro Berney, Executive Director & CEO, Caja de Valores
  • Steven Kelly, Sales Manager, Bloomberg STP Solutions
  • Moderator: Thomas Trépanier, Head of Securities Market Infrastructure Strategy, US, Latin America, and the Caribbean, SWIFT

Intraday Liquidity Reporting: Challenges and Opportunities


Following the 2008 financial crisis regulators across the world came to the sudden realization that monitoring intraday liquidity was paramount.   Challenges for correspondent banks were multiple: how to consolidate this data from multiple systems, how to address the lack of confirmation messaging at a community level, how to effectively analyze this information? In this session, we will look at how banks can cope with these new requests from regulators.


  •  Daniel Lynch, Business Intelligence Solutions Manager, SWIFT