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Table of contents

1. Consulting Services

During this highly interactive session, we will share you some of the latest developments in our Consulting and Training portfolio. We will focus on the operational excellence offering as well as the tailored community training and boot camps. Through specific case studies and client problem statements, we will also highlight new tools such as routing and RMA clean-up exercises, and demonstrate how we have helped clients with complex integration and business application requirements.

2. SWIFTSmart & e-learning

SWIFT Training evolution: transforming classroom training to eLearning experience via SWIFTSmart. Discover how SWIFTSmart will give you the flexibility to train your staff in any of your branches or offices from the comfort of their desks, whether they’re looking for an introduction to SWIFT or advanced instructions on SWIFT message standards.

3. Cloud Solutions and Services

Spotlight on the SWIFT Community Cloud: Join this session to learn more about the SWIFT Community Cloud success story and our offering. The session will cover Alliance Lite2, Alliance Remote Gateway, Alliance Lifeline and Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications and will highlight how these solutions are helping make it easier, quicker, cheaper and more effective to do business.

4. Business Continuity & Connectivity

The availability and continuity of SWIFT connectivity is critical for financial institutions and corporates. In this session you will learn about how SWIFT infrastructure design and implementation can keep  your SWIFT operation up and running at all times. We will also provide a full explanation about the tools and products needed to increase your RTO & RPO ratios and back office integration availability.

5. SWIFT Alliance portfolio

Find out about upcoming changes in the Alliance family with details about Release 7.2 and a view on SWIFT's roadmap. In addition, this session will give you practical insights about how to get the most out of your Alliance interface from a security, resiliency and automation perspective. 

6. Compliance – Sanctions

Regulation in the area of Financial Crime prevention and AML/CFT has never been so demanding. As a result, compliance-related costs are increasing and require more internal resources. At the same time, technology, automation of services and expertise have evolved in such a way that banks can outsource their compliance activities to realise significant efficiency gains. More than 400 banks worldwide have chosen to do so by implementing Sanctions Screening, the SWIFT solution for transactions screening. This session will give you a clear overview of the product and demonstrate how SWIFT’s Sanctions Screening can help you to address your institution’s compliance challenges.

7. Compliance – KYC

Regulatory compliance is a fact of life for financial institutions and correspondent banking has been heavily affected by a multitude of new requirements. High on the list is Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, which refers to the due diligence activities that financial institutions must perform on their counterparties in order to do business with them. SWIFT has developed a global KYC Registry to help its users address this challenge. The main goal of this new service is to enable you to reduce complexity, increase transparency, save time and cut costs. It has been live since December 2014 and more than 2200 entities globally have already registered. Africa has been mentioned by some major correspondent banking players as a key region to be on the KYC Registry.

8. SWIFTRef & BI

Data is playing an increasing role in business strategy. Reference data can be used to increase productivity and data accuracy and at the same time decrease costs in financial message processing. Up-to-date reference data help to automate transactions in the payments and securities business, and more recently are increasingly required for regulatory reporting. SWIFTRef can offer a single source for all your reference data. SWIFT Business Intelligence (BI) continues to widen its scope to support business development across multiple market segments and geographies. SWIFT BI can help you to better understand your business and improve operational performance, as well as support your business’s product and growth strategy.

The session will look at how SWIFTRef and the SWIFT BI can assist you in your business.

9. Post-Trade Services

Operations executives in post-trade processing face significant challenges. There is continuous pressure to cut costs, but regulatory changes require significant investments. At the same time, transparency, auditability and risk management are high on the agenda.

Join us for a practical  work session where you will learn how SWIFT can provide a straightforward and highly cost effective way to automate the confirmation of equity and fixed income trades by complying with market practice using industry standard ISO 15022 messages.

By using well-established standards and existing SWIFT infrastructure, your business will be able to accommodate multiple business models and follow industry best practice, making for easy integration with your existing flows and your counterparties.

Users of our post trade services have reported more than 50 per cent savings over the cost of other solutions.