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Manage your risk through insights leveraging SWIFT Compliance portfolio (Spanish)

Faced with an ever increasing need to monitor risk in relation to compliance, banks need a consolidated view of their business but how can this be achieved?  Discover how Compliance solutions will help banks identify anomalies and increase their efficiency in putting the right controls in place with factual evidence. Listen to experts demonstrate how using insights based on SWIFT traffic and message data can help identify outliers in traffic behavior, find dormant relations with correspondents and benchmark with SWIFT tools.

  • Jorge Osvaldo López García, Subdirector de Contraloría Normativa, Banorte
  • Francisco Gabriel Romo Navarrete, Director Ejecutivo Contraloría Normativa, Banco Santander (México), S.A de C.V.
  • Fedra Ware, Senior Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas
  • James Wills, Senior Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas

What’s cooking in Standards? (Spanish & English)

During this interactive cooking session we will wrap our minds around standards, their relevance, what they mean to your business and how they can be implemented easily. Discover the ingredients of the ISO 20022 recipe and how it can benefit you, and finally, create your own ISO 20022 menu.

  • Robert J. Blair, Managing Director, Product Executive Global Client Access, J.P.Morgan Corporate and Investment Bank
  • Omar Lago-Rodriguez, Standards Product Manager, Latin America, SWIFT Americas
  • Gustavo Vega, CEO, ACH Colombia

The road to 2015: an update on the latest initiatives from SWIFT (English)

Join this session with SWIFT market experts to hear the status on several SWIFT initiatives that are focal points on our banking, corporate and securities roadmaps on the road to 2015.

  • Stacy Rosenthal, Head of Supplementary Products, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas

Trends in cloud computing (English)

Come to this session to discuss the latest trends in cloud computing, including: What systems can you move successfully to the cloud? What prevent cloud computing being adopted whole-heartedly? What is the impact on design of applications, sourcing, skills, governance, and regulation?

  • Richard Feldmann, Global Director Financial Services, Red Hat Inc. 
  • Carlos González Fillad, Regional Head of Latinamerica, Payments and Cash Management, HSBC México
  • Daniel Moran, Head of Technical Sales Services, SWIFT Americas

Payment industry perspectives (English)

The payments industry continues to undergo change due to non-traditional entrants, channels, regulation, cost pressures and globalization. Come to this session to better understand the impact of market trends such as real time, faster settlement, in country P2P, and security are having on the payments business and technology strategy. 

  • Alessandro Albertin, Senior Product Analyst, Products, CIP-  Câmara Interbancária de Pagamentos
  • Ruben Galindo, Country Head, México  SWIFT Americas

The Growing importance of trade  (Spanish)

There are many changes in the world of trade.  Financial institutions are investing time and energy to understand these changes while still seeking to expand their business.  Come to this session to find out the growing importance of the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO), changes coming in the MT798 and standards release 2015.  The session will cover the current market adoption and the best way forward to plan your strategy.

  • Luis Corbalán, Payments Director, Grupo Santander 
  • Jose Oulego, Vice President , Senior Product Manager, GTS Mexico, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • James Wills, Senior Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas

Evolution of SWIFT in treasury:  (Spanish)

What are corporations looking for from SWIFT?  What are the new and emerging treasury requirements?  Since SWIFT for Corporates was launched, the program has evolved beyond secure connectivity to offer a portfolio of services.  Come to this session to discuss new and emerging initiatives including a corporate case study. Help guide the community on initiatives to continue support your current and future needs. 

  • Sonia Bald, Senior Manager, Global Channels, Global Transaction Banking, Scotiabank
  • Ana Ibarra, Regional Banking Manager, The Americas, IATA
  • Francisco Sordo, Senior Manager, International Business Payments, Global Transaction Banking, Scotiabank

Business Intelligence - Insights into your unique data (English)

The SWIFT Business Intelligence (BI) portfolio continues to expand and now encompasses an entire suite of intuitive tools including analytics, insights and economic indicators designed to grow with a customer's business needs. In this session you will learn about SWIFT's solutions for analysing SWIFT messaging flows using user friendly, visual, dynamic and actionable dashboards. Join us to learn how some of our counterparts are benefiting from the unique insights the SWIFT's Business Intelligence portfolio can provide.

  • Antônio Camargos, General Manager & SWIFT User Group Chairperson, International Department, Banco Bradesco
  • Ricardo Mariz, Senior Business Manager, Latin America, SWIFT Americas

SWIFT Services Portfolio - supporting every phase of your project (Spanish)

This session will provide a view on SWIFT's comprehensive portfolio of Consulting, Support and Training services to help improve your business processes, bring your SWIFT infrastructure in line with best practices, and reduce your total cost of ownership.  We will share case studies about how SWIFT experts can help in every phase of your project: from the initial assessment of your operational processes, the design and implementation of a solution, the training of your staff all the way through the go-live, maintenance and support.

  • Federico Davalos, Implementation Manager, Produban  
  • Jorge Espinoza, Manager, Customer Support, SWIFT Americas 

Spotlight on Mexico (Spanish)

The Mexican economy has historically exhibited great resilience and a strong ability to withstand external shocks, a consequence of the sharp improvement in its macroeconomic fundamentals during the last decade. Attend this panel discussion to get a better understanding of Mexico's economy, market trends impacting the region and perspectives for the future.

  • Sergio Luna, Director, Department of Economic Research, Banamex-Citi
  • Alexis Milo, Chief Economist – Mexico, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
  • Jairo Namur, Head of Latin America, SWIFT Americas

Special Interest Sessions

The afternoon of Thursday, 29 May 2014, will be dedicated to the following “special interest” sessions, which provide attendees a far deeper dive into specific topics that cannot be adequately addressed in a Work Session.

Payments Innovation looking forward to the future: (English) Innovation has become more than a catch-phrase within the financial community and the payments arena is no exception. Attend this session to hear from Innovators, Banks and Market Infrastructures on what is in store for the future, services needed to facilitate banking and how to prepare for what's next.

  • Andres Fontao, Managing Partner, Next Bank
  • Ricardo Hissao Matsuyama, Product Specialist, CIP-  Câmara Interbancária de Pagamentos
  • Daniel Rojas, CEO, Rocket
  • Leo Vernazza, Founder, Paganza

Technical update from SWIFT(Spanish): Attend this session to learn how organizations are leveraging technology to enhance the value proposition of SWIFT. Topics cover will include integration, new connectivity options and innovative ways to increase efficiency in SWIFT operations.

  • Luis Cortina, CEO, Alliance Enterprise
  • Amanda DeCastro, Senior Technical Expert, Technical Sales Services, SWIFT Americas
  • Juan Elias, Commercial Manager, Latin America, SWIFT Americas
  • Dan Moran, Head of Technical Sales Services, SWIFT Americas

Capital Markets Review; Latin America's battle to stay competitive (Spanish): Latin America's dependence on commodity market developments has decelerated the region's capital markets growth. Additional inflationary pressures in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela among others have begun to cause concern in the region and its overall impact on their ability to sustain past growth rates. We will discuss these turn of events as well as explore how the region will adjust to these changes going forward.

  •  Iván Díaz G., General Manager & CEO, Latin Clear - Panamá
  • Christina Hutchinson, Regional Manager, LATAM South, SWIFT Americas
  • Arturo Navarro, Chief Operative Officer Contraparte Central de Valores and Head of Internacional Business., S.D. Indeval

SWIFT Training Pre-LARC

SWIFT will be hosting a technical training session entitled Release 7.0Troubleshooting Seminar lead by Jorge Espinoza, Manager, Customer Support, SWIFT Americas. This course will take place on Tuesday, 27 May 2014 at the Westin Santa Fe.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to troubleshooting techniques, including being prepared
  • Troubleshooting communication equipment including testing and analysing point of failures
  • Troubleshooting SWIFTNet Link including diagnosing and investigating application and OS interactions
  • Troubleshooting Alliance Gateway including diagnosing and investigating application and OS interactions
  • Troubleshooting Alliance Web Platform including diagnosing and investigating application and OS interactions
  • Troubleshooting Alliance Access including diagnosing and investigating application and OS interactions
  • Troubleshooting FIN connections
  • Monitoring techniques for SWIFTNetLink, Alliance Gateway and Alliance Access
  • Making the most of SWIFT support resources

> For additional course description information in English and Spanish:

Release 7.0