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Planning ahead mandatory changes coming your way in the next two years

The session will review some of the mandatory changes that will impact your SWIFT infrastructure in the next two years. During this interactive session, SWIFT’s product teams will share the key information on some upcoming changes, and answer your questions on how to optimise your upgrade planning.
Audience:  Anyone managing SWIFT infrastructure
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Instant Payments at SWIFT – Preparing your Operations

With the recent announcement of SWIFT’s Instant Payments solution designed to serve, initially, the European market, there is much interest in how the service will work, and what the impact will be on operations. This session will provide you with details of the solution which will allow you to run true low latency, 24x7 operations for instant payments.
Audience:  Anyone involved in Payments Operations

Under attack! Are you prepared?

It has been said that there are two types of organisation – those who have been targeted, and those who are unaware that they have been targeted. So it is critical not just to strengthen your defences, but also to prepare robust procedures to deal with all aspects of potential breaches. In this interactive session, SWIFT’s cyber forensics team will share best practices to help you build and review your procedures in reaction to cyber-attacks.
Audience: Anyone involved in managing security operations, strategy or planning
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Preparing for ISO 20022 adoption

As ISO20022 adoption continues to gain momentum, this session will update you on the latest developments from the global SWIFT community. You will also have the opportunity to hear more about the technical impact of adopting ISO20022, and how to plan for the technical and operational changes involved.
Audience: Anyone involved in managing SWIFT infrastructure or messaging
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