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Thank you for joining SWIFT and other members of the community at the Customer Security Programme work session. This will enable your institution to be ready to meet SWIFT's mandatory security requirements. 

Cyber-attacks on financial institutions are rapidly growing in number and sophistication, and as high profile cases have revealed, losses can be significant. The global threat landscape is continuously evolving and cyber criminals are increasingly well-organised, experienced and well-resourced. Figures in recent years reveal a 93% increase in wire payment fraud in the financial industry affecting 27% of financial institutions.

While SWIFT users have sole responsibility for protecting their own systems, SWIFT is committed to working closely with its customers to reinforce security and to address the persistent threat of cyber-attacks.

Through its Customer Security Programme (CSP), SWIFT is introducing a set of mandatory security requirements that all customers must meet to reinforce the security of their local SWIFT-related infrastructure. The requirements will create a security baseline for the whole industry and will help to reinforce and drive up cyber security standards.

SWIFT's set of mandatory security controls have been formally published on the 1st of April 2017. SWIFT will require all connected users to self-attest their level of compliance to this set of mandatory controls, whether connected directly or indirectly through service bureaux or other indirect connectivity providers. The CSP work session will provide you with the correct information and the right tools to complete the self-attestation process.

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