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SWIFT @Sibos with Dan Gardner

ThumbnailSWIFT @Sibos with Dan Gardner
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SWIFT @Sibos with Dan Gardner


Sibos Corporate Programme London 2019

Delivering multi-banked corporate needs to the heart of the banking industry

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Reliance Industries Limited - Case study

Reliance Industries Limited - case studyReliance Industries Limited - Case study
Customer testimonial
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Reliance Industries Limited - Case study

Case Studies

Case Study - INA

Find out how Croatia-based INA is leveraging SWIFT’s Alliance Lite2 to achieve greater efficiencies.

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Report: The real value and cost of connecting to your banks via a single window

Deloitte study

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Sibos TV: gpi for Corporates pilot (G4C)

gpi for Corporates (G4C)Sibos TV: gpi for Corporates pilot (G4C)
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Sibos TV: gpi for Corporates pilot (G4C)

Case Studies

Case Study – KONE

KONE Corporation, world class elevator and escalator manufacturer, implemented SWIFT to harmonise bank communications, while also enabling treasury to standardise processes, improve visibility and control, optimise liquidity and drive future transformation. Discover how KONE streamlined its bank communications through a SWIFT connectivity outsourced to OpusCapita.

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Alliance Lite 2 for Business Applications Programme

Discover the benefits of an embedded SWIFT connectivity to reach all your banks.

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Get ready for a truly global treasury

Discover the value of working with SWIFT.

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