SWIFT for Corporates

The most secure network for multi-banked corporates globally.

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Ebook - 5 ways your corporate payments are now simpler than ever

The world of payments is undergoing systemic transformation and there’s a new way to pay.

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Unlocking success in corporate banking through digital

BCG - SWIFT report - MAY 2019

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The real value and cost of connecting to your banks via a single window

Deloitte study

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Press Releases

PR - SWIFT to open the KYC Registry to corporates

World-leading KYC registry to give banks vital KYC information on corporates

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List of SCORE banks

A list of SCORE banks with associated services (FIN, FileAct RealTime, FileAct Store”n”Forward)

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SWIFT for Corporates User Conference London 2018

SWIFT for Corporate - London 2018SWIFT for Corporates User Conference London 2018
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SWIFT for Corporates User Conference London 2018

Compliance Info Papers

Risk and compliance index

Vulnerabilities and priorities for Corporates in Asia Pacific

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