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The SWIFTRef Business Applications programme has different non-exclusive streams. These offer specific tools and services to support you in growing your business and providing value to your customers.

SWIFTRef Data Inside Application

As a SWIFTRef Data Inside Application, you plan to integrate SWIFTRef data into your solutions or services, and sell and deliver the software and data as a complete package. A SWIFTRef Data Inside Application is eligible for valuable commercial and marketing support. In addition to the standard support, this can include:

  • Internal corporate training on SWIFTRef
  • SWIFTRef support at corporate events
  • Joint sales presentations
  • Joint sales campaigns

The exact support will be determined in collaboration with the SWIFTRef Data Inside Application provider based on the mutual benefits for both parties.

SWIFTRef Enabled Application

As a SWIFTRef Enabled Application provider you plan to integrate SWIFTRef services into your solution or services. Your customers buy the SWIFTRef services directly from SWIFT.

A SWIFTRef Enabled Application will be eligible for standard data support, enabling the complete and full integration of the data into its solutions.

Joining the SWIFTRef Business Applications Programme

To join the SWIFTRef Business Applications Programme and enjoy the benefits of membership, simply contact our SWIFTRef expert who will take you through the whole process.

  1. First, you will obtain access to technical documents enabling you to map and integrate SWIFTRef data into your applications. Our SWIFTRef team will support and guide you with expert assistance through this period.
  2. At the same time, we will agree on the most suitable model, and put in place a formal SWIFTRef Business Applications agreement between you and SWIFTRef.
  3. Finally, we will jointly review the integration before full Business Applications status is confirmed.

Visit the SWIFTRef Business Application finder.