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Created in June 2014 and originally based at SWIFT HQ, the SWIFTLab has become a popular venue to experience the various components of SWIFT’s product and service portfolio.

In addition, it has become the space for innovation at SWIFT, with regular collaborative sessions in the SWIFTLab to develop new concepts, product mashups and business models. This year, the SWIFTLab was present at Sibos in Toronto and will be present at PSF, providing our customers with the opportunity to experience the range of SWIFT products at this yearly event and to download a variety of assets such as videos, product presentations and case studies.

Come and visit us in the SWIFTLab and get some hands on experience with what’s available and coming up in the SWIFT portfolio.

Global Financial Messaging Interfaces and Integration Shared Services Compliance Innovation
SWIFT for Corporates
Alliance Access My Standards
Readiness Portal
SWIFT Translator
The KYC Registry
KYC - Security Attestation
Nostro Vostro DLT proof of concept
SWIFT gpi Alliance Lite2 Business Intelligence Sanctions
Sanctions  Screening
Sanctions Testing
Name Screening
Sanctions List Distribution
Bond Life Cycle Management DLT proof of concept
Post-trade risk alerting service Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH) Market Infrastructure Resiliency Service (MIRS) Payment Controls Standing Settlement Instructions DLT proof of concept
  Alliance Integration SWIFTRef Compliance Analytics  
    SWIFTSmart AML