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Reference data can be used to increase productivity and data accuracy while driving down the cost of financial message processing. This enables financial institutions and corporates to automate transaction flows in both the payments and securities business and help you to comply with regulatory reporting requirements and due diligence. Visit us in the demo zone to:

  • Find out how SWIFTRef can offer a single source for your reference data and is continuing to evolve to provide more functionality, additional reference data fields and improved accuracy of reference data.
  • Discover the features of SWIFTRef and how it can assist users in improving operational efficiency.
  • Get a practical demonstration of SWIFTRef’s flagship service, Bankers World Online and examples that showcase the full capability of SWIFT’s Reference data portfolio.

SWIFT gpi Payments Tracker & Observer

The SWIFT gpi Payments Tracker allows end-to-end payments tracking to monitor the progress of a SWIFT gpi payment in real time, obtain transparency on deducts and confirmation that a payment was credited on the beneficiary’s account. Participants will get a good view on how to navigate the Tracker and what information they will be able to see according to their SWIFT gpi role in the transaction chain.
The SWIFT gpi Observer is a BI tool that shows a bank’s compliance with the SWIFT gpi business rules stated in the rulebook. The tool ensures control, monitoring and enforcement of the SWIFT gpi SLA, and, service quality to SWIFT gpi members. Attendees will obtain a clear understanding of the Observer logic and which metrics will be used to measure SWIFT gpi members’ compliance.