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Standards MX maintenance release 2016

Schedule for Standards MX release 2016

This timeline gives information and the implementation schedule for the maintained SWIFT MX messages for 2016. These messages can only be used on the SWIFT network if they are included in a solution or a service or are exchanged in files over FileAct.

Most of the SWIFT MX messages are registered ISO 20022 messages and details of these messages can also be found in the catalogue of ISO 20022 messages.

1 June 2015

Deadline for Change Requests
Deadline for requests for changes to messages that are used on the SWIFT network, including ISO 20022 messages.

7 July 2015

ISO 20022 Change Requests available
Change requests to ISO 20022 messages that are considered for implementation in 2016 are published in the ISO 20022 Catalogue of Change Requests.

24 July 2015

High-Level Information on Standards MX release 2016
Summary of received change requests for SR 2016. These change requests are not yet approved.
For resource and budget allocation purposes only.

November 2015

Updated High-Level Information on Standards MX release 2016
Summary of approved change requests for SR 2016.

26 February 2016

Message schemas and Message Definition Reports
Publication of schemas and full documentation of the new versions of SWIFT MX messages.  A complete catalogue of messages is also available in MyStandards.

21 May 2016

Vendor Test System

22 July 2016

User Handbook online
Online publication of the user handbook for Standards MX release 2016.  

24 July 2016

Pilot system

19 November 2016 Standards MX release 2016 Live