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Standards MT maintenance release 2020

Schedule for Standards MT Release 2020

This timeline gives a full development and implementation schedule for the FIN standards for 2020.

15 November 2019

(Updated 24 January 2020)

Updated High-Level Information on Standards MT Release 2020
Summary of approved change requests received for SR 2020


For resource and budget allocation purposes only –not to be used for implementation. 


The information in this publication is the latest available at the date of its production, and may change.


Document was updated in January 2020 to include Fast-Track Standards MT Release change requests.

20 December 2019

(Updated 28 February 2020)

Standards MT Release Guide 2020 (public)
Message Format Validation Rules 2020 (login required)
Describes the changes to Standards messages effective as of 22 November 2020


Find advance information for Standards MT Release 2020 in MyStandards


Republished to include fast-track changes in MT 530 and MT 564.

16 April 2020

Prioritising effort for Standards Release 2020 due to Covid-19: Only changes in MT Category 5.


See also Release Highlights and FAQ


Standards Release Guide 2020 (public only contains category 5)


Approved changes for other MT categories are held over for implementation in Standards MT Release 2021 and are available as Advance Information for Standards MT Release 2021.

3 July 2020

Vendor Test System

24 July 2020

Standards User Handbook
Standards user handbook for Standards MT Release 2020 published online.
A summary of the updates can be found here

26 July 2020

Test & Training System

22 November 2020

Standards Release 2020 Live