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About the Harmonisation Charter

ISO 20022 is emerging as the preferred choice of messaging standard for market infrastructures around the world. As ISO 20022 implementations proliferate, variability in the ways in which ISO 20022 is deployed, in terms of message versions, market practice rules and release cycles, threatens to undermine its value.

The success of the ISO 20022 harmonisation programme depends crucially on engagement from the market infrastructures community. If your organisation or your community is interested in receiving additional information please contact your account manager or regional representative.


Standard Chartered, Jyi Chen Chueh


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Endorsing Market Infrastructures
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The following market infrastructures have endorsed or support the Harmonisation Charter to jointly implement a global framework enabling the ISO20022 harmonisation across the industry. This endorsement means that those market infrastructures will to the extent possible adopt and apply the best practice principles outlined in the charter

Sharing of information

Financial Market Infrastructures share information about their ISO 20022 implementations plans with the other endorsing and supporting Financial Market Infrastructures.

Adherence to market practice

Financial Market Infrastructures adhere to global ISO 20022 Market Practices and base their own usage guidelines on these market practices. As part of this principle, the objective is also to harmonise the ISO 20022 Market Practices in other business areas as shown in the following overview.

Adherence to the message version and release management

Financial Market Infrastructures update to the the latest ISO message version and this in line with the ISO 20022 release cycle.

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ISO 20022 Implementation Strategies

Over the last 10 years, ISO 20022 has emerged as the key global standard for financial market infrastructures (FMIs). There are various drivers for these initiatives and ISO 20022 is typically chosen for a combination of reasons. Today, several FMIs have successfully migrated/implemented ISO 20022 and others have declared implementation timelines for the years ahead. This paper draws on some of the experience gained by the industry; to understand what worked well or less well and to distil some high level best practice advice.

The harmonised approach to ISO 20022 adoption

Payments and securities market infrastructures have led their industries in the adoption of the ISO 20022 international messaging standard. Since 2015, a growing number have endorsed an ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter to ensure implementations of ISO 20022 remain consistent for users of market infrastructures.

New ISO 20022 version and release management process

This information paper provides insights of the new ISO 20022 version and release management, effective as of SR 2018.

ISO 20022 Harmonisation Best Practice - Information Paper

The paper describes the initiative that SWIFT has undertaken with the industry, which brings consistency to the rollout of ISO 20022 in a way that benefits the user community without sacrificing necessary flexibility for FMIs. The end-goal is to create a common framework that helps FMIs and their communities adopt and use the standard in a cost-effective, timely and consistent way.

ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter

SWIFT Standards’ harmonisation proposal sets out a series of measures designed to drive harmonisation of the rollout of ISO 20022

ISO 20022 Charter Endorsement - Next Steps for Market Infrastructures

Consult the information paper to know more about the different steps for the MI to complete once they have endorsed the ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter

Benefits of ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter – Factsheet

Consult the factsheet to understand the benefits of the harmonisation framework for Financial Institutions and FMIs

Working in Harmony

Banking Technology Roundtable: Standards Harmonisation

Frequently Asked Questions

Consult the FAQs for more information regarding the Charter

ISO 20022 Harmonisation plan - Press Release (October 2015)

SWIFT collaborates with market infrastructures to ensure a cost effective and seamless move to ISO 20022

Building an ISO 20022 implementation roadmap

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