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Get ready to adopt ISO 20022

As a payments market infrastructure offering High-Value Payments (HVP) services, it’s crucial to make informed decisions when adopting ISO 20022. To ensure successful migration, you need a project plan that covers many aspects, including adoption, implementation and live usage – and takes into account your own needs, as well as the requirements of your community.

As you start on this project, you will need a best-in-class solution covering everything from message flows and data models to standards implementation guidelines in line with international best practice. A secure, reliable and efficient network solution is also essential to support safe and resilient HVP processing for your members. And you need the tools, services and support to facilitate migration for your and your community.

SWIFT for ISO 20022
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SWITF for ISO 20022


Building an ISO 20022 implementation roadmap

ISO 20022 for Market Infrastructures and their communities - How can SWIFT help?

Your challenges

Naturally you want to minimise the costs of an ISO 20022 implementation for your members. But with many different versions and market practices in play, achieving consistency may not be straightforward. At the same time, overseeing all the components of the project – from business case and implementation guidelines to testing with your community – can present significant challenges.

  • Reducing risks and costs for members through industry harmonisation
  • Educating and onboarding your community
  • Managing multiple parts of the project simultaneously

Our solutions

Global Financial Messaging

The world’s only value-added ISO 20022 network

We offer reliable and secure messaging as well as non-repudiation and central message validation.

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Interfaces and Integration

Interface products and tools

Our interface portfolio is fully ISO 20022-enabled. From helping you shield impact on your back-office, to allowing efficient ISO 20022 integration, we have solutions that fit your needs.

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MT/MX transformation services

We can help you and your community streamline your migration from MT to MX messages. Our conversion services and tools can shield the impact.

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Training, Consulting and Operational Services

ISO 20022 strategy for market infrastructures

From creating a business case and carrying out an impact assessment to defining your adoption roadmap, we can help you devise your ISO 20022 strategy.

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ISO 20022 solution design service

Use our service to develop messages, customised implementation guidelines based on global market practice and carry out a gap analysis for data models and business processes.

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ISO 20022 training

From web classes to customised on-site training events, access our portfolio of courses to learn everything you need to know about ISO 20022.

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Industry harmonisation framework

We’re working with market infrastructures to roll out ISO 20022 consistently across the industry and foster a more disciplined and predictable approach.

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HVP usage guidelines

Developed by the Payments Market Practice Group, our HVP guidelines are publically available in MyStandards – supporting global interoperability and like-for-like compatibility with FIN MT messages.

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MyStandards is the perfect platform to share your standards specifications with your MI member community. It allows your members to browse and analyse your specific specifications on-line and generate multi-format documentation.

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ISO 20022 around the world

ISO 20022 adoption mApp

Our free iPad app gives a global overview of over 70 initiatives which are moving to ISO 20022. Also available as a PDF download.

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