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National Member and User Groups

National Member Groups

National Member Groups comprise all of a nation’s Swift shareholders, and propose candidates for election to the Swift Board of Directors. They serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and to Swift management. In addition, each NMG serves the interests of the shareholders of the nation they represent by coordinating their views and feeding this back to Swift. Each National Member Group is chaired by a Chairperson that is elected by the Swift shareholders of the represented nation.

Please contact Swift at for more information about Swift Member and User Groups.

National User Groups

National User Groups comprise all Swift users within a nation and act as a forum for planning and coordinating operational activities. User Group Chairpersons act as a primary line of communication between each national user community and Swift.

Swift strongly encourages institutions to join National Member and User Groups. They provide unique forums which give participants the opportunity to discuss topics and issues that are high on the agenda of national financial communities as well as Swift. The Groups also act as networking platforms, providing valuable forums for users to discuss and share their expertise, or to voice their opinion on industry or local market practices and regulatory requirements, as well as on Swift technical and operational matters. National Groups help identify business opportunities for Swift to benefit their local communities.

For more information on National Groups, please consult our By-laws and Corporate Rules.