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Directive (EU) 2017/828 of the European Parliament

The Shareholders Rights Directive II (SRDII) or Directive (EU) 2017/828 of the European Parliament, published by the European Commission in June 2017, aims to improve the dialogue and long-term shareholder engagement with issuers to stimulate good corporate governance.

SRD II was later complemented in September 2018 with a SRD II EC Implementing Regulation (IR), which lays down the minimum requirements in regards to shareholder identification, the transmission of information and the facilitation of exercise of shareholders rights with an implementation deadline of 3 September 2020.

What is SRD II and how can Swift help you to comply?
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What is SRD II and how can Swift help you to comply?

Moving to ISO 20022 ?
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Looking to implement ISO 20022? Swift consultants can design and build solutions to meet your business needs.

Keeping IR expectations in check

Transmission of information

Transmission of information from the issuer to shareholders without delay in terms of corporate action notifications, general meetings announcements and shareholder identification disclosure requests.

Facilitation of the exercise of rights by shareholders

Facilitation of the exercise of rights by shareholders, including the right to participate and vote in general meetings.

Identification of shareholders

Identification of shareholders upon issuer’s request and response to the address provided in the request.