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SWIFT Translator benefits

Support any format across multiple channels

SWIFT Translator addresses this market need with a mapping, validation and translation solution across all formats and channels that reduces the number of solutions needed.

Facilitate formats migration

Migrating to a new harmonised standard can be a lengthy process. Large and small institutions alike face significant operational challenges, costs, and risks when moving to ISO 20022.

SWIFT Translator is the solution to prepare for the many upcoming ISO 20022 migrations. SWITF users can benefit from our 40+ years of experience and expertise in managing and developing industry standards.

Reuse of MyStandards specifications

More than 130 organisations (Market Infrastructures, Market Practices Groups, and Financial Institutions) have published over 23,000 Usage Guidelines on MyStandards. SWIFT Translator lets you reuse this specifications work (Usage Guidelines) published in MyStandards and use it as source or target formats in your mapping design. Keeping a consistent approach between documentation and the field.

This significantly reduces the effort it takes to define, validate and map message formats in SWIFT Translator.

Easy and flexible deployment

SWIFT Translator furthermore offers a flexible deployment model that reduces the resources needed for migration projects. It supports new formats without impacting legacy systems, easing cross-channel, cross-format migration.

No coding required

The rich feature set provided in SWIFT Translator allows you to design translation solutions easily with no need for code programming skills. It embarks powerful conversion and mapping features making it easy to convert from the source to the target field.

This approach guarantees for easy updates and maintenance as no IT project is required to change the mapping rules.

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