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SWIFT Translator features

Save time and costs with a light footprint translation solution

Thanks to SWIFT Translator, defining, validating and translating messages – to and from any format – is streamlined in such a way that you will save countless staff-days and related costs. The solution is intuitive, with no need of coding, and the maintenance is simplified thanks to a rich Graphical User Interface to manage formats and mappings

SWIFT Translator is a Java-based light footprint solution that boasts a user-friendly GUI, and offers flexible implementation options without any coding; you can deploy it as a standalone solution, embedding it in one of your existing application server, middleware or business application.

Streamline the process of migrating to a new standard

Financial Institutions invest heavily to continue supporting a multitude of formats across different channels. Many will soon face the challenge of having to replace current messaging formats due to the ongoing migration to ISO 20022 standards.

Take standards migration to the next level with SWIFT Translator with easier and faster validation and transformation of message flows.

With SWIFT Translator, you can translate messages in your production environment to and from any– SWIFT and non-SWIFT – format. SWIFT Translator natively embeds SWIFT MT and ISO 20022 libraries together with standards releases to facilitate the process of migration.

Flexibility, customisation, simplicity

SWIFT Translator makes it easy to define message formats and mapping rules. You can import formats from files or message libraries, or define your own formats from scratch. SWIFT Translator also lets you reuse the specifications work (Usage Guidelines) published in MyStandards and use it as source or target formats keeping a consistent approach between documentation and the field.

SWIFT Translator supports the translation of a vast array of formats including FIN MT, ISO 20022 MX, iDOC, XML (e.g. FpML), proprietary CSV, EDI, EDIFACT, BACS, BAI, CFONB, Fedwire, and more.

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