Tagai Mayasuki

Masayuki Tagai

Industry Issues Executive (APAC), JPMorgan

Masayuki (Mike) Tagai is Managing Director, Industry Issues Executive (APAC) for J.P. Morgan’s Payments business. In this role, Mike is responsible for industry issues including global standards and market practice development in Asia Pacific through the interaction with relevant industry associations, market infrastructures and public policy authorities. 

Mike is driving foundational data capabilities such as advocating for the ISO 20022 methodology and implementing ISO 20022 messages and data structures within the Payments business as well as enhancing FMI membership capabilities. He is involved in Asian community adoption of international standards such as ISO20022; bond market harmonization efforts in the ASEAN+3 countries as well as adoption of LEI. He has been representing Japan at the ISO 20022 Registration Management Group (RMG) and has been elected Convenor in March 2021. He is a member of the BAFT Asia Council and represents Japan at the PMPG. As Convenor of the RMG, he is focused on making ISO 20022 approachable, understandable and more usable so the full potential of ISO 20022 is realized to solve for the real-life problems that the market faces.

Mike has a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Tokyo and also is an MBA of the MIT Sloan School of Management.