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Sanctions screening is a critical process for financial institutions to ensure compliance with regulations and prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illicit activities. The process helps protect reputations, prevent financial loss, and strengthens the overall integrity of the global financial system.

Compliance with regulations

In many jurisdictions sanctions screening is a legal requirement meaning financial institutions are compelled to comply with relevant regulations to avoid legal risk and financial penalties.

Preventing money laundering

By identifying and blocking transactions that involve illicit funds, sanctions screening helps to prevent money laundering.

Preventing terrorist financing

Sanctions screening helps prevent terrorist financing by identifying and blocking transactions that involve individuals or entities that may be associated with designated terrorist organisations.

Reputational protection

Robust sanctions screening processes help protect the reputational risk of financial institutions by demonstrating their commitment to compliance, adhering to regulations, and taking responsibility for preventing illicit activities.

Protection from financial losses

Sanctions screening helps to prevent financial loss by identifying and blocking transactions that may involve sanctions breaches or activities under embargo.

Protecting national security

Sanctions screening protects national security objectives by preventing the transfer of funds to individuals or entities that may pose a threat to individual nation-states. 

Protecting the financial system

Fast and effective sanctions screening contributes to a stronger and more resilient global financial system by promoting transparency, integrity, and accountability in financial transactions.

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