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Keep funds flowing fast

Payments should soar overseas and race across borders, not get held up by exceptions and investigations. But when delays do happen, Case Management means they don’t have to ruin your day. So, if a payment is flagged as potentially fraudulent or one too many zeros find their way onto an invoice, we’ve got your back.

Case Management
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Case Management

What is Case Management?

Case Management is made up of two services. Need to stop a payment in its tracks? Reverse it at the touch of a button with Stop and Recall. Or if investigations are getting you down, Case Resolution can help you easily resolve payments with incorrect or missing information.

Together, they give you all the tools you need for when payments go wrong. That means better experiences for your customers and fewer headaches for you.

Not gpi-enabled?

We’ve extended Case Management to our whole community. So, whether you’re a gpi member or not, you’ll still be able to keep your customers’ funds flowing fast.

Stop and Recall is a mandatory product for gpi members, while Case Resolution is an optional extra that can help save time usually spent on investigations. If you’re not a gpi member but you’d like to sign up to Case Management, you’ll need to subscribe to both services.


Efficient investigations

Save time you’d usually spend on manual investigations.

Instant cancelation requests

Direct communication with other banks ensures your customers’ money is safe and sound.

Available to all

Benefit from Case Management whether you’re gpi-enabled or not.

Dr Jie Xu
The ability to immediately stop a payment at any point in the payment chain helps prevent loss.
Dr Jie Xu Deputy General Manager of Transaction Banking Department, China Minsheng Bank (Head Office)
James Henderson, VP, Wholesale Payments Product Management, J.P. Morgan
The execution of stop and recalls and the need for this solution has never been so critical.
James Henderson VP, Wholesale Payments Product Management, J.P. Morgan
Vikram Paranjpe
It’s clear that banks can derive ROI benefits through the enhanced automation and efficiency gains that Case Resolution offers.
Vikram Paranjpe Senior Product Manager, Citi
Sindhu Vadakath
Visibility of payments and cases will drive resolution times down and speed up the settlement of payments by enabling real-time reporting of errors, and the ability to self-investigate before raising a case to avoid additional charges.
Sindhu Vadakath BNY Mellon Treasury Services

Ready to sign up?

For gpi members

If you’re already gpi enabled, sign up and join over 100 other financial institutions using the service.

Not gpi enabled?

You can still sign up if you’re not a gpi member. Get started today.

Still have questions?

Explore our FAQs or contact us to get the information you need.

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