Inbound tracking

Enhancing liquidity forecasting and reconciliation for corporates

Inbound tracking

Visibility of incoming payments

Thanks to SWIFT gpi, corporate treasurers have access to much richer and more transparent information on the cross-border payments they initiate through their banking partners. 

However, for corporates receiving payments, getting visibility on incoming transactions for reconciliation and forecasting purposes remains a burden.

That’s why we partnered with major banks, corporates and vendor AccessPay to run a Proof of Value exercise to establish whether a visibility on incoming payments service would alleviate these pain points.

The project revealed a number of key benefits for both banks and corporates, including:

  • Reduction in exceptions and investigations for banks
  • Integrated treasury processes for corporates
  • Enhanced forecasting and reconciliation 

Read more about the service in our proof of value report.

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What's driving inbound trackingWhat's driving inbound tracking?

Can visibility on all incoming cross-border payments help corporates achieve greater efficiency?