The future of SWIFT gpi

Cross-border payments, transformed

The future of SWIFT gpi

SWIFT gpi has rapidly set a new industry standard for cross-border payments, significantly improving the payments experience from end to end for banks and corporates. Our roadmap of complementary services will be introduced and rolled out to our community over the next two years and beyond. With SWIFT gpi, you can meet the demands of today with the certainly that we’re innovating for tomorrow.

Whether you’re a bank evolving to meet the increasing requirements of corporates, a corporate sending and receiving payments internationally, or a market infrastructure working to enhance the domestic and cross-border experience, the challenges have never been greater.

SWIFT gpi 2019 roadmap




  • [ISO 20022] Complying with ISO right across SWIFT
  • [Invitation] New ideas - Delivering a call-to-action to banks and corporates for new ideas



  • [Mandatory Confirms] Delivering mandatory confirmation for all payments by SWIFT users
  • [Invitation] New ideas - Delivering a call-to-action to banks and corporates for new ideas


  • [Stop and Recall] Halting immediately payments not yet credited, efficiently recalling credited payments
  • [Payment Initiation & Tracking] Extending gpi to multi-banked corporates
  • [Faster gpi Payments] Delivering universal instant payments 
  • [Pre-Validation] Reducing friction by pre-validation payment information
  • [Case Resolution] Improving customer experience through efficient processing of enquiries and investigations
  • [Closed ecosystem settlement] Providing fiat settlement for trade and platform ecosystems
  • [Notification/Visibility Incoming] Enabling tracking and notifications for incoming payments 
  • [Request for Payment] Enabling integrated procure-to-pay solution for cross-border payments
  • [Financial Institution Transfers] Tracking for high value financial institutions
  • [Explore] Open APIs - Defining a cross-industry common API
  • [Explore/design] API Portlet - Getting the Tracker without detailed coding for smaller banks


  • [Extended Tracking] Extending tracking capabilities to all payments initiated by SWIFT connected institutions
  • [Cover Payments] Increasing timely transfer of payments when there is no direct account relationship between the sender and receiver
  • [Manual confirm GUI] Allowing manual authorisation for smaller banks
  • [Integration back-office] Integrating the SWIFT interface when no vendor application is available
  • [Explore/design] Frictionless Sanctions Screening - Delivering improvements to the cost efficiency and customer experience around sanctions screening


  • [Tracker] Delivering end-to-end payments tracking
  • [Observer] Measuring the community’s compliance to the gpi SLA
  • [Directory] Providing a complete overview of which banks can send and receive gpi payments
  • [Customer Credit Transfer] Enabling gpi customers to offer enhanced payments services directly to their customers 

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