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SWIFT gpi readiness

SWIFT gpi is rapidly gaining traction with financial institutions around the world. More than 60% of all cross-border payments on SWIFT are now sent through gpi, representing more than $300 billion every day. And now we’re extending the speed, transparency, and trackability of gpi to the entire SWIFT community.

1. Start training

Learn more about gpi rulebook trainings or click here to access the SWIFTSmart portal.

2. Consult the rulebook

In order to understand the requirements for gpi member institutions, you can refer to the “Rulebook for gpi Mandatory Services”.

To ensure speed, transparency and trackability for all gpi members, there are certain mandatory gpi services. The “Rulebook for gpi Mandatory Services” details the full scope of SWIFT gpi, including business rules associated with the suite of mandatory gpi services. Read more about mandatory gpi services here.

Our Application Provider Zone provides information, documentation and other resources to support SWIFTgpi. For access, log in to the Application Provider Zone

This zone is split into two sections, based on your customer segments - banks and/or corporates.

If you do not have access to this zone, please contact us.

3. Contact the SWIFT gpi Partner Management Team

Our team can provide valuable support during the analysis, development and commercialisation phases of gpi readiness. Application providers receive regular updates on the latest gpi news and information specifically for vendors.   

Testing your application’s readiness

Ready to test? Please share your readiness confirmation with us. This way, we can provide support as you test application readiness for all gpi FIN-based services in an integration test bed environment.

You will be able to test and validate your application's readiness against pre-defined test cases, with an automated sparring partner. This allows you to simulate your application for most of the test cases under SWIFT gpi, helping you to identify potential implementation issues.

Please note: in order to use the Vendor Test Bed (VTB), you need the ITB Connectivity and Alliance packs, as well as a subscription to the messaging services and solutions.

In addition to generic connectivity, SWIFT provides the testing requirements around SWIFT gpi with test catalogues and various user manuals for effective testing on VTB. Today, the VTB supports FIN testing around gpi and connectivity options (FIN and gpi Tracker GUI).

For more details on testing please contact the certification team here.

Useful links

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Promoting full gpi readiness: the gpi label

All application providers wishing to use the gpi label can find out how here.