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Last update: 7 October 2020

SWIFT gpi: Driving a payments revolution

Cross-border payments are fast, transparent and fully traceable thanks to SWIFT gpi. Now a new phase of innovation is...

Last update: 14 January 2020

Universal Confirmations: Completing the Last Leg of the Payments Journey

Commissioned by SWIFT and produced by Aite Group, this report looks at the potential benefits that SWIFT member...

Last update: 19 November 2018

How Cyber Attackers Could Target the World’s Financial Markets

The cyber threats faced by key financial markets across the world have been exposed by a new report published today by...

Last update: 3 August 2018

gpi Transaction Management Services Overview

The document describes what value generation initiatives the gpi is focusing on at the moment and serves as well to...

Last update: 8 March 2018

gpi real-time Nostro Proof of Concept

Can blockchain pave the way for real-time Nostro reconciliation and liquidity optimisation?

Last update: 4 October 2017

The future of payments: A corporate treasury perspective

Read the report from the SWIFT – Eurofinance survey

Last update: 2 October 2017

International payments: accelerating banks’ transformation

By Romary Barbey, Stefan Dab, Harry Newman, Wim Raymaekers, and Yann Senant

Last update: 24 July 2017

Open letter from Swiss banks

Top Swiss corporates urge banks to use SWIFT gpi