Request to pay

Streamlining cross-border payment collections

Request to pay

Cross-border request to pay

SWIFT gpi enables financial institutions to provide transparency on the full flow of their payments, handing their customers more flexibility around both initiating and receiving payments.

Together with seven gpi member banks, three corporates and FinTech Assembly Payments, we undertook a Proof of Value exercise to see if we could take this further.

The project investigated whether an international request to pay capability implemented under a SWIFT gpi SLA, could offer a more secure, flexible and cost effective solution for corporates to collect cross-border payments.

The exercise demonstrated that such a solution would open new opportunities to integrate and automation collection and reconciliation of international payments, as well as unlocking benefits in terms of liquidity forecasting.

Read more about the service in our proof of value report.

This PoV exercise has now evolved into a proof-of-concept phase, the results of which and further recommendations will be shared by the end of 2019.

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Can a cross-border procure to-pay service performed under a SWIFT gpi Service Level Agreement enable banks to simplify the cross-border payment process of their corporate clients?