SWIFT for Low Value Payments Systems / ACHs

Delivering a scalable and reliable platform for Low Value Payments Systems / Automated Clearing Houses

Supporting Low Value Payments Systems / ACHs with bulk clearing and settlement solutions

Low Value Payments Systems (LVPS) clear millions of retail payments for national or regional communities. They need to offer efficient clearing, netting and settlement services to their participants, balancing cost, process efficiency and risk mitigation. They need to meet increasing demands for interoperability with other retail payment platforms.

SWIFT supports more than 25 LVPS providing a standardised, reliable and scalable messaging platform.

Standardised business flows for LVPS

Supporting flawless and automated execution of payments initiation, clearing and netting, settlement, liquidity and cash management and exceptions and investigations.

Secure, reliable messaging services

Suite of efficient bulk messaging services, including Copy Services, which enable the sender to trigger a copy of a payment file for payment authorisation.

Consulting, training and operational services

SWIFT can help ACHs and their communities with their large projects, from design right through to go live and future evolution, with standards, integration, business and technical advice.

ISO 20022 expertise

A range of initiatives, products and services to support LVPS moving to ISO 20022

Data standards

SWIFT acts as ISO Registration Authority for BIC and IBAN and supports implementation of the LEI (Legal Identity Identifier).
SWIFTRef offers a single source of accurate and up-to-date reference data.


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