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Our focus on increasing operational efficiency and driving cost-effectiveness within our community lies at the heart of our comprehensive training programme. Our goal is to transform our knowledge into your solution.

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve trained more than half a million people worldwide. We work with you to deliver training programmes that suit your schedule, learning preferences and knowledge level, while responding to ever-changing market and industry challenges.

Our certified instructors deliver training in-person at your offices, remotely through web classes, and in SWIFT classrooms across the globe. In addition, you will soon be able to work at your own pace and enjoy a completely new learning experience through the e-learning platform – SWIFTSmart.

We offer more than 70 courses in multiple languages that help you to make the most of SWIFT standards, products and services, and enable you to learn more about key industry topics.

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Enjoy direct interaction with our experienced instructors and your industry peers in classroom sessions or via web classes. Courses are conducted through a mix of theoretical sessions and hands-on exercises.

Tailored training

Customised training to suit your business specific needs. Adapted to your staff’s level of expertise.

SWIFTSmart – Coming soon!

Benefit from an interactive e-learning platform available, anytime, anywhere. Becoming SWIFT Smart will be easier than ever before.

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Our qualification exams challenge your understanding of specific topics and help you become certified.

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