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SWIFT Bootcamp Training

For certain disciplines, traditional training can only operate at a superficial level. Our pre-scheduled bootcamps enable you to take a deeper dive into specific subjects. These multi-channel learning experiences may include:

  • Theoretical sessions and games to integrate fundamental concepts
  • Hands-on sessions with best practice advice
  • Round tables and team activities to promote networking and cross-institution collaboration
  • Forums led by product, standards or market experts
  • Certification track

Bootcamp training sessions are organised by SWIFT in key financial centres. Registration is open to any participant with the necessary prerequisite knowledge.

Example of bootcamp sessions include the following:

Security Bootcamp

The SWIFT Security Bootcamp sheds light on security-related roles and responsibilities. This helps you ask the right questions internally to make sure that security is managed in the best way possible. It also provides the knowledge needed to manage all your security related activities in line with best practice.

Typical duration: 3 to 5 days.

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SWIFT Security Bootcamp - Factsheet

The SWIFT Security Bootcamp aims to shed light on security-related roles and responsibilities and will help institutions to trigger the right questions internally to ensure security is managed in the best way possible.

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